Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sand Men and Women, Castles and Dragons Part 2

Sunday evening my granddaughter and I found ourselves in the midst of the doubles sand sculpture competition, part of the World Championship of Sand Sculpting taking place in Atlantic City NJ. Various family members were meeting at the nearby Rainforest Cafe for an early dinner. We were the first ones to arrive, so with the additional time we thought we had quickly made a beeline for the exhibit, hoping to view the results of the double competition. Last week the solo competitors labored over their creations. This week twosomes worked their magic with sand and water.

Results are pictured below. My photographic abilities are minimal, but hopefully some of the beauty and majesty of the sculptures comes through.

"The Charge of Achilles" was the doubles competition winner, earning the two creators,
one hailing from Illinois (Brian Turnbough) and the second from Singapore (Joo Heng Tan), $3,500.
"Weightless" was the second place winner.
$2,500 prize.
Sand sculptors Enguerrand David of Brussels, Belgium and Johannes Hogebrink of  Amsterdam, Netherlands.

"Neverending Story" was a favorite of mine.
"Rooms for Rent" was my granddaughter's favorite.
It did not fare so well with the official judges.
"The Eye of the Storm" took third place and a $1,000 price for the artists from Germany and Kenya.
The sculptures are amazing temporary works of art. My previous experience with sand sculptures was limited to my children and grandchildren's creations, and the occasional teamwork of an enterprising group of children and/or young people toiling under the hot sun and threat of rising tides.

We totally enjoyed the exhibit, but the wait at Rainforest Cafe was too long for the youngest grandkids.  That experience will have to wait for another time.


  1. The sculptures are magnificent. I'm taking my grandchildren to the beach for a week next month, but I doubt we'll see anything like your sculptures.

  2. Amazing. Makes the typical castle look pretty tired. Some people are so talented.

  3. Oh, GASP! They are simply incredible. Thanks for much for sharing them. I also like the Neverending Story one. Amazing talent. :-)

  4. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you for sharing!