Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Update From the Sky: Another Journey Begins

After a nice hiatus at home, we – hub and I – are on the road, actually in the air, again.

My son and family are relocating from the mile high city of Denver Colorado to the balmy beaches of southern Florida. Before settling into their new abode, they are traveling a meandering route from their house in Denver, to a rented townhouse, to Mom and Dad’s.

Their home sold immediately, but the family was not ready to leave the city. Wanting to remain until the kids finished the school year, they moved into temporary townhouse quarters. Today is the last day of school.

Tomorrow the oldest grandkid, his grandma and grandpa (a.k.a. hub and I), and their golden retriever Charlie begin an 1,800 mile cross-country jaunt – road trip! - to our home at the Jersey shore.

Why, you might ask? Charlie is not plane-friendly, and the car required a transfer to the east coast. And road trips are fun!?

The rest of the clan flies east later this week.

The family will reside at the shore until their new Florida home is ready for occupancy, whenever the builder decides to finish the house and let them move in. They are hoping for the beginning of July.

Our pre-trip preparations included:
·    *   A visit to AAA to load up on maps and tour books. The car has a GPS and I scrutinized Google maps, but there is no better way to plan a long trip than spreading a large road map on the floor or table, viewing main highways, alternative roads, distances, etc. Or maybe I am old-fashioned and getting old.

·      * A study of web sites listing pet-friendly accommodations. A lot of hotels place weight limits on the animals (usually less than our 80-pound canine) and/or charge extra – as high as $50-$75 for the privilege of allowing your pet to sleep with you. We eliminated those, leaving classy places like the Super 8, paying $10 a night extra for Charlie.

·      * Packing one small carry-on suitcase apiece.

·      * Cleaning out the refrigerator (nothing like coming home to foul odors).

·      * Visit to the chiropractor (a needed adjustment after a fall in the garden).

·      * Shopping trip to stock the house with items the family will need upon arrival.

·     * Weeding and watering the garden, hopeful flowers and veggies beginning to flourish survive a week of benign neglect.

·      * A visit to the library, stocking up on books on CD and age-appropriate movie DVDs for a nine-year-old.

·     *  A walk across the street to arrange for a neighbor to pick up our mail, newspapers, and packages (normally unnecessary, but son’s family mail, daily Wall Street Journal, and packages are all temporarily routed to our front porch).

 We were finally ready to begin our adventure!

We could not drive and park at the airport - normally a one-hour car ride - since we were not flying home. Our alternate transportation began yesterday with a short car ride to our local train station (thanks to a friend), a 1½ hour train trip into Philadelphia, a change of trains and 20-minute ride to the airport, and a 10-minute shuttle drive to our hotel.

Day two started with the alarm clock jolting us awake in the pre-dawn hours, another shuttle trip back to the airport and a four-hour plane jaunt.

We are exhausted.

And our cross-country drive has yet to begin.

Onward through Colorado – Nebraska – Iowa – and points East!

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  1. Sounds like a grand adventure! One you are not likely forget any time soon. I look forward to hearing all about it. :-)