Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Matriarchs of Our Family

 Matriarch #1 - My Mom
My Mom is 88 years young,
my role-model and inspiration.
She lives independently in a senior apartment house not far from the home she and my Dad 
bought in 1952. She sold the house two years ago.
Mom drives and maintains a busy social schedule -
she participates in senior programs at the local university, plays bridge, 
volunteers at her Temple, belongs to a book club, visits housebound friends, 
provides transportation to others not driving anymore,
goes out to eat and attends concerts, movies, and other events with friends.
When visiting I must call in advance so she can clear her calendar - or I reschedule.
She takes the casino bus to visit us - we live just a few miles from a gambling mecca -
 and we spend time at the slot machines before she heads home again.
She is a great Mom to her two daughters, four grandchildren,
and four great-grandchildren.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!
Me and my Mom.
Mom with her youngest grandchild. The picture was taken last summer.
Matriarch # 2 - My mother-in-law
a.k.a. my husband's mother
My mother-in-law, Irene, and Mom at their joint dinner party three years ago, celebrating
Irene's 84th and Mom's 85th birthday. Their birthdays are four days apart.
I took this picture of Irene this week.
I have known my mother-in-law over 40 years - almost 45 years.
She has a forceful personality that sweeps in everyone around her, 
and is the honored matriarch of a family encompassing three children,
six grandchildren ranging in age from 13 to 37, 
and six great-grandchildren from one year to almost nine years old.
She is proud of her real estate career spanning over 25 years
and the carpet business she and her husband owned for decades.
And she loves Chinese food.
For the past (almost) two years she has lived 
in an assisted living complex near us.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom Irene!


  1. Sounds like two women who know how to do it (life) right. And you have some great genes!!

  2. How fortunate you are to have such strong women in your family.

  3. Lucky YOU to have these two strong matriarchs in your family. And they are lucky to have you as well. Happy Mother's Day! :-)