Friday, May 31, 2013



One Republican politician mentioned as a viable 2016 Presidential candidate is Jeb Bush, President George Bush II’s brother and son of President George Bush I. A political dynasty in the making! In a recent TV interview the the family's matriarch, Barbara Bush, wife of Bush I, was asked her opinion of Jeb becoming the next Chief Executive. Her unequivocal answer, “No”. There were enough Bush’s in the White House, she said, no more needed. I am sure Jeb greatly appreciated her encouraging unexpected, startling words of support  rejection. Jeb’s response: “What can I tell you? All I can say is we all have mothers, right?” He said he would wait a year before considering a Presidential run.

Senator Ted Cruz, Texas Republican, is apparently contemplating a 2016 Presidential campaign. There is, however, controversy concerning his U.S. citizenship. His mother was born in Delaware, his father in Cuba. Ted was born in Canada. It is rumored President Obama will be his Chief Citizenship Advisor. Cruz will probably also invite Donald Trump to join his citizenship committee. He wants Trump’s support and Good Citizenship Seal of Approval.

Let’s not forget the Democrats. After all, 2016 will be a two party race. Republicans are trying to place Benghazi blame on Hillary Clinton, hoping that, if she runs in 2016, the foreign policy event will be a black eye for her.

And more pointless news…not necessarily about Presidential politics!

A discredited politician is slowly making a comeback. 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards fathered a child with his mistress, and the news went public during his campaign. Meanwhile his wife was fighting, and eventually died, of cancer. As a result of his indiscretion and subsequent lies attempting to conceal the affair, Edwards withdrew to his gated estate in North Carolina. He recently reactivated his law license and is speech-making again. Whether or not he aspires to political office remains a mystery.

Republican Senators from Oklahoma (Tom Coburn and James Inhofe) face a quandary. One of the worst natural disasters ever hit their state. Both Senators in the past voted against assistance to people in distress, most recently voting against aid to Hurricane Sandy victims. Now the Senators must decide whether to approve help for their state residents (many of whom lost everything in the tornado and most of whom probably voted for them) or follow Tea Party mantra, their previous voting record, and vote No. By the way, the Republican Congressman from the district hardest hit by the tornado, Tom Cole, voted in favor of Sandy aid.

Kudos to New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie, who set aside partisanship and worked alongside a Democratic President, benefiting his constituency. Christie ignored the wrath of many Republicans, placing Sandy victims above politics. That took courage.

Update from a previous Countdown to Presidential Election post:
Mark Sanford won his bid for a Congressional seat from South Carolina. When the polls closed and the counting completed, it was not a close race. The Congressman and his Argentinian sweetheart are probably at this moment being photographed by paparazzi as they trek around Washington, D.C. Sanford is not, however, campaigning for selection as poster person for Republican family values.

And that's it for now. Stay tuned for more political folly, fiascos and fun in future posts.


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