Friday, April 26, 2013

The Size of Thighs

I love reading newspaper headlines. Articles on subjects I would never think about pop out. Information I did not realize I wanted or needed or could live without becomes inscribed on my brain, filed away to be taken out and used sometime in the future. Maybe at a holiday get-together, hanging out at the beach, or having a long, lazy dinner with friends, drinking wine, discussing current events and solving the world’s problems.

The topic of the following ditty (I wrote) is about one such tidbit gleaned from headlines this week.  

(The Worst Poem of All Time)

The newspaper article caught my eye
Young women consumed by the size of a thigh.

Not only long, smooth and straight but slim.
They desire a very trim limb.

A new obsession is on the rise.
Above the knees the mania lies.

The key to perfect thighs:
Open space between with views -
If not seen, weight you must lose.

What nonsense, I say, who wants to be anorexic size?

I vaguely remember the sixties era and age
When stick models were all the rage.
When mini-skirts merited our thighs be slim
And draw wandering eyes to that limb.
Nary a one of us cared about views.

A word of caution and a word to the wise -
Life’s too short to be worried about size
Of boobs or waist or even thighs.

Forget about mass media lies
And the few with too thin bodies and thighs.

So beware and don’t waste time
Attempting for the body sublime.
For most of us, it ain’t gonna materialize.

'tis the end of my rhyme…
(It’s about time!)

Who knew that one of the latest fixations of young women is the size of their thighs? With all the publicity about sudden deaths of super-thin models, and illnesses resulting from a desire to be super-thin, such as anorexia and bulimia, the ultra-thin trend unfortunately persists.

Maybe it is time for a new women's movement. Too thin should be outlawed. Too fat is not healthy either. It is time for everyone - young women especially - to feel comfortable and proud of their bodies without feeling a need for drastic, unhealthy makeovers. Girls should not have to wait until they are older and wiser before being comfortable with the body they were born with.

The article is here should you wish to read it or see a picture of possibly the thinnest thighs ever.


  1. My oldest granddaughter is in second grade. Already there are girls in her class who are weight conscious...and on diets! In second grade! Crazy.

  2. I distinctly remember trying to sit with my thighs off the chair so they wouldn't look fat--as my friend had instructed. We were in third grade. In college, we were all striving for three peep holes--one between ankles and calves, one between mid thighs and one somewhat higher up. Not so news worthy to me, except that we have not made enough progress.

  3. Somehow I missed that mania when I was young, but I remember Twiggy, and how bizarre she looked. Now she wouldn't even be mentioned as being too thin. I cannot believe girls in elementary school are worried about their weight. Off now to read the article.

  4. I think small is attractive, in women who are small, but thin? Not so much, unless it's because they're fit. I have a 42-year-old stepdaughter who runs marathons. She is small, fit, and thin.