Friday, April 19, 2013

A Bit Of Manly Humor Amid The Grim News Of The Week

A short news article today caught my eye, demanding my immediate attention and action.

This warning is aimed at an important population everywhere – handsome men.

Specifically, handsome men planning to visit Saudi Arabia:

Beware! You may be arrested and deported for being too handsome.

That is exactly what happened to a group of men from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, visiting the country and attending a heritage and cultural festival.

Saudi officials said they were concerned local women would find the men irresistible. The country has a contingent of religious police who ensure proper attire and conduct of men and women.

Below are a few tips for incredibly handsome men heading for Saudi Arabia. As a safeguard from the wrath of the religious police, utilize some of these ideas, plus others you may think of, to make yourself less attractive and desirable to the women you meet. By the way, they will keep other men away too:

·      * Do not brush your teeth for a few days. Bad breath will put off the women, no matter how beautiful the rest of your bod.

·     *  Grease your hair and do not wash it for a few days. Greasy hair went out decades ago.

·      * Do not shower. Your dirty body odor will disguise your natural chemically attracting pheromones.

·      * Wear loose, body-covering clothing, masking your carefully sculpted, gym-toned muscles.

·     *  Wear white socks.

·      * Talk while you eat, and be sure to let a few pieces of half-eaten food fall out of your mouth.

·      * Drinking is forbidden in the country, but act drunk anyway.

If you should, however, despite my warnings, be arrested by the religious police for being too handsome and are deported, my girlfriends and I will be happy to pick you up at the airport. After, of course, you have showered and brushed your teeth.


  1. Really? That is funny!
    But I am surprised they don't just demand the women wear blind folds when out in public.

  2. That just made my day! Thanks for the laughs and the absurdity of it. :-)

  3. I heard about that! Can you imagne those guys when they got back home? 'Hey, guess why I wasn't allowed in?' What a morale booster!