Friday, March 15, 2013

The Tale of a Babysitting Grandma

Hub and I are in the mile high city of Denver, Colorado babysitting two of our grandchildren. Their Mom and Dad are away for a week, checking out their new home, the kids’ new school and the new town they will be moving to this summer.

We arrived Wednesday evening. This was going to be fairly stress-free – the two kids are in school all day. We just had to entertain them over the weekend.

Currently I am sitting on the couch with my 5-year-old granddaughter. The kindergartener is home sick. She was home yesterday also. Mom left instructions on medicine to take, kissed her and her older brother goodbye and Mom and Dad, along with their 2-year-old sister, headed off for their weeklong adventure. The 2-year-old will be staying with their other grandparents, a.k.a. Nana and Poppy.

It has been a very long time since I was home all day with a sick child. Grandpa is working out of the house, so the two girls (H and I) are on our own.

We are not exactly alone. Charlie, the golden retriever, is here too.

We have spent two full days watching Full House. According to H, the show is “about a house full of people that are really funny. It has lots of funny commercials.”
Remember the show? Remember the cast!?

We watched one episode of Strawberry Shortcake.

The marvels of On Demand TV.

We completed quite a few Hello Kitty word search puzzles.

We read several chapters of Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth.

I let Charlie out numerous times. He gets a treat each time. He is a smart dog, and caught on to the fact I was not going to ignore him. I think he is already getting fat on too many treats.

There was food consumed, including noodles with butter, a bagel, strawberries with whipped cream, an English muffin, and Annie’s honey, chocolate chip, and chocolate cookies.

Meanwhile I am attempting to keep the house as neat as possible. It is amazing how quickly bathrooms, bedrooms, the family room and kitchen get messy when four people and a dog are around. Older brother does his part before and after school and hub (a.k.a. Grandpa) scours the kitchen for food, checks out the newspapers, and leaves his minor messes. H and I are around all day searching for a book or toy, cooking, playing with Charlie, and just living.

All this would normally not be problematic.

But the house is sold and tomorrow morning there is a three-hour inspection. Everything must be in pristine condition.

The kitchen must be neat, clean, and everything off the counters.

All toys, books, and assorted stuff put away.

Bathrooms neat and clean.

Floors vacuumed.

Beds made, clothes out of sight (and not thrown in closets. The inspectors will be opening closets and cabinets.)

Tonight hub will remove Charlie’s poop from the backyard and put away the outdoor toys.

Meanwhile Full House continues.

How many episodes were there? I checked Wikipedia. There were 192 episodes over eight seasons (1987-1995). The baby girl of the family was played by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who we all know as two of the wealthiest women in the entertainment industry today. FYI – they claim to be fraternal twins but are apparently identical twins????

And thank you H for choosing the videos for this post.


  1. That doesn't sound stress free at all! Glad you're holding up so well. :-)

  2. It certainly sounds like you have your hands full. But enjoy! These are the times you will remember and reminisce.

  3. You will have to temporarily tie those active grands in a chair to get the house pristine. Good luck with it all. I don't envy you...only the part of getting to spend time with the grands!!!