Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Parental Guidance is Kids Stuff Compared to Real Life

The movie Parental Guidance is all about grandparents (played wonderfully by Bette Midler and Billy Crystal) caring for their three grandkids for a few days.  One problem after another develops and havoc ensues.

The movie is fiction and a lot of fun. It does not compare to two sets of grandparents and their real babysitting experiences over the past week.

Mom and Dad looked forward to several kid-less days. One set of grandparents watched the two older children at home, chauffeuring them to school and other activities.

The baby of the family, 2 ½-year-old Sami, flew out of town with her parents. Upon landing the second set of grandparents met the plane and whisked Sami off, leaving the parents alone and happy.

It did not take long before glitches occurred.

I will not bore readers with the trivial ups and downs of watching a 2-½ year old, a five year old and an eight year old. I will only mention two notable episodes.

The first misfortune occurred just a few hours after transferring custody of Sami. The event took place at the grandparents’ house (most accidents happen at home). An adult was holding Sami, walking, and took a tumble. The unnamed adult (nameless to protect the guilty) was unharmed, but the 2½-year-old suffered a broken leg. Most of that first night was spent in the hospital. Sami left the hospital with a cast around her entire cute, short right leg. She cannot walk for 4 weeks.

The second set of grandparents’ had a minor car accident, slightly damaging the house (I mentioned in a previous post the house has been sold) and car. Backing out of the garage on the first full day of babysitting duty, an unnamed adult (again protecting the guilty) slowly backed the family’s not-so-Mini-Van down the driveway, a narrow passage between the house and the fence of the house next door. Neither the house nor the car remained unscathed when the car finally reached the street. A protruding drainpipe was hit and the metal slashed, misshapen and broken. The car also sustained scraping damage.

I guess it is a good thing the worst happened in the beginning. Anything transpiring afterward was minor in comparison.

The parents cut their trip short by one day and flew home with their injured daughter.

Sami’s babysitters are now nursing illnesses probably in large part brought on by stress, little sleep, and the complications of babysitting and nursing an injured toddler.

Grandpa bailed out a day early and flew home yesterday (actually, he had to work). I am flying home today, tired but ready to resume my life and activities until the Grandma role beckons again in June.

After all, what else can happen!?

Babysitting addendum:

Sugar High Guilt-ridden Low

It was not my fault. It was my granddaughter’s fault. She made me do it. I am weak and could not resist.

Hailey and I made brownies. I could not resist. I succumbed. I ate brownies. Two not-so-small pieces.

We added Reese’s peanut butter pieces and M&Ms  to the mix. I do not like Reese’s pieces. But I love M&Ms.

I feel SO guilty.

I know what this means. I have to face the consequences.

I cannot babysit the grandkids in a house full of temptation.

It is not only the brownies. There is ice cream in the freezer. An assortment of snacks and desserts in the pantry. Temptation everywhere.

I must retreat to a snack-free, dessert-free, sweet-free and sugar-free zone.

Until next time…


  1. Oh, poor Sami!

    And very unfortunate grandparents.

  2. I haven't seen that movie, and sometimes I feel deprived because I have no grandchildren... and then I read about your adventures in babysitting the grands. So sorry to hear about the broken leg but hope you will be back to your normal self soon. It was not unnamed parent's fault! :-)

  3. That was a lot of drama for everyone involved. A 2 year old with a broken leg has to be a challenge. I am glad all the guilty parties were protected, though.

  4. All that aside, you are a true hero!

  5. sad for Sami but so funny as well. That was a calamity of errors.....

  6. Not a confidence-builder! On the other hand, we'd have to go a ways to beat these mishaps, so maybe it is. Glad it was no worse, and hope Sami's recovery is quick and complete.