Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March into Spring and Beyond

We were unkindly teased and enticed this past weekend, experiencing two beautiful, almost warm days. Clear blue skies. Bright sunshine. No wind, no rain, no wet snow or mixed bag of yuck smearing the landscape. And an added bonus – daylight until after 7:00 p.m. on Sunday.

Today we were jarred back to reality. It is raining. A lot. It is not a winter cold, but there is a damp chill making it difficult to feel warm and toasty. But our weekend adventures encourage thoughts of spring and summer.

Saturday morning hub and I enjoyed a greenhouse tour of Jah’s Creation, our CSA farm. Our weekly supply of organic vegetables, delivered May through December right to our door, are all grown on this agricultural oasis. We saw baby plants peeking through rows upon rows of flats and starter trays. A variety of onions, beets, herbs, greens and other veggies patiently await resettlement in the fields. Refreshments after the tour included a kale and cabbage soup and salad, both dishes made with fresh farm ingredients.

Sunday we ventured into Philadelphia for the last day of the Flower Show. This is a huge affair held every year at the Convention Center. This year’s theme was ‘Brilliant,’ highlighting English gardens. The displays were interesting, intricate and somewhat overwhelming. This amateur gardener enjoyed the displays, realizing there was absolutely no way I was ever going to attempt recreating anything observed.

There were rows upon rows of Marketplace booths selling anything an experienced, novice or wanna-be gardener might need or want or desire.

There was one area hub enjoyed far more than anything else on the Convention floor - a wine and liquor tasting section. We tried several wines and hub enjoyed sampling a number of brands and varieties of scotch and whiskey. Our mode of transportation was train, so there was no concern about over-indulging!

I do not remember being an observer of the changing of the seasons when young. Life revolved around two seasonal events and one season - the beginning of school, the end of school, and summer. This theme dominated my life during childhood, teenage years, and through college. Before I knew it my kids were starting school, and this rhythm of life continued.

It is different now. We are not concerned with school starting or ending dates, or vacation days.

Our calendar is guided by our activities and the seasons. Summer is our busy time, family descending on our home in a resort town, enjoying the sun, the beach, and warm weather.

I now notice the shoots emerging in the front yard. I look forward to planting flowers and picking fresh strawberries from the small patch alongside our driveway. I cannot wait to begin grilling dinners outside. I anticipate the time spent relaxing on the front porch, reading the newspaper or a book, watching the world go by.

And our deserted street has begun to show signs of life once again. Suddenly you see people walking their dog, tending their front yards, and riding by on bicycles.

This past weekend a number of seasonal homeowners, not spied since November when everyone was around inspecting and repairing their homes following Hurricane Sandy, reappeared once again. They spent two days getting their homes ready for a new season, cleaning inside and out, stocking the pantry, eager to move forward, preparing for what will hopefully be a joyful summer.

We all hope for a few seasons (at least) of boring, tame weather. We have had enough special, unusual weather events for a long while.

She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
“Winter is dead!”
A.A.Milne, When We Were Very Young


  1. You have endured the worst of what a season can offer. I hope Spring brings you new growth, beauty and comfort.

  2. We have had similar teasings of spring, a couple nice days and then... rain and more rain. But it is warm, and things are beginning to sprout, which is always a wonderful sign of more to come! You deserve a nice spring and summer after all you've been through lately. Here's to spring! :-)