Friday, March 1, 2013

Advertising Space for Rent

A news article grabbed my attention the other day. Japanese women are selling space on their bodies for advertising. The article highlighted young women and their social media profile, but I am sure there are a lot of products older models can advertise in more traditional ways in the real world.

I am an excellent candidate. I have more space to rent than the average young Japanese girl.

What a fabulous way to make a few extra bucks. What a great way to supplement retirement income.

Count me in.

The unique advertising medium offers a great opportunity to promote products. I travel. I walk often and, on flat terrain, can stroll for miles. Different folks would see the advertising continually. I live in a resort community next door to a gambling mecca. I can spend hours perusing casinos, hotels and other tourist sites, meandering slowly along as people curiously observe the messages plastered on my body.

I would not wear skimpy clothes. I would be discrete and modest, yet the ads would be noticeable and conspicuous.

I do have scruples and there are companies I would never advertise for, such as tobacco companies and weapons manufacturers.

I have a few suggestions for companies interested in renting body space:

My wiggly arms, the section between my shoulder and elbow, would be an excellent place to advertise wide-angle camera lenses. Or jewelers might publicize items such as wide bracelets or long necklaces.

Another suggestion, clothing or soft plush animals, with tag lines such as, “(Product name) soft as Grandma’s arm” would endear people to the product and inspire them to remember and eventually purchase the merchandise.

During the summer the bottom of my feet can display ads for Dr. Scholl’s footpads. I would lie on the beach and elevate my feet just enough so they would not be hidden in the sand.

My hands, arms or feet could display, “(Product name) lotion the best potion.”

I could wear an oversized pair of glasses with the product brand emblazoned on my forehead. The artist or brand name of large dangly earrings are another example of an item that could be advertised across my forehead. Additional forehead ideas include hair ornaments or head coverings.

The backs of my legs offer further advertising opportunities. The possibilities are endless – shoes, leggings, clothing, accessories, and just about anything!

Ads would not be all over my body. One or two quality products (at a time) will be chosen to promote in this unique way.

Advertising rates are negotiable.

I can begin immediately.

Potential advertisers might not want to wait. Tourist season is fast approaching.


  1. You're a genius! And I can offer another spot (that you can't): The top of my nice shiny head.

  2. Just find out the tax implication before you sign on.

  3. Obviously it will be seasonal employment...what do you leave uncovered in the winter? Or is is warm where you are?

  4. In my forehead is exposed. I guess I could wear driving gloves and have my fingers exposed too!