Friday, December 14, 2012

Starbucks Survives Sandy and Thrives

This is a picture of our local Starbucks post-Sandy. The store - behind the trailer - was badly damaged during Sandy and is undergoing extensive renovations. Meanwhile the trailer provides most of the favorite brews customers love. The sign on the trailer reads "Open for business." A couple of tables in front of the store provide rest for the weary and those just wanting to relax and watch the local world go by. The only crucial amenity missing is wifi. Any time of any day you walk into our Starbucks and people are working (or playing) on their laptops. 

All of the businesses on both sides of this street incurred major storm damage. Over the past few weeks all except the Starbucks storefront reopened. The grocery store opened about three weeks ago, the two clothing stores and food take-out business a week later, and this past weekend the gift shop reopened. Starbucks should reopen soon, and then all will be back to normal, or what Governor Christie has termed "the new normal."

Our Starbucks on wheels
We moved back into our home this week! We have heat and hot water, and on-going repairs can be completed while living in the house. 

We are adjusting to our 'new normal' life!


  1. I had a Starbuck's coffee in an airport once. I decided most people go there for the wifi.

  2. I needed to read some good news today. This is great news, I'm so happy to hear that you are finally home.

  3. Congrats. on moving back, and I hope things go smoothly from here on out. And (altho' I'm not a fan of their coffee) good for Starbucks for persevering.You Jerseyites are tough hombres!