Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wake Up Call for Republicans

I wrote a blog during the election about one of the Presidential debates. Now that the long, seemingly endless election activities culminating in the re-election of our 44th President are over,  I want to add one more short blog post on the topic.
Republicans lost the 2012 Presidential election because they refused to enter the 21st century. Unless the GOP embraces the present and the future they are doomed to lose, eventually becoming irrelevant.

That is NOT a good thing. We live in a democracy, and democracies thrive on a strong two party or multi-party system.

So Republicans, consider this election your wake up call. You cannot ignore our country’s diverse population and expect to win elections. You cannot advocate policies that offend and harm people and expect to win more legislative seats. You cannot remain silent when your party’s candidates disparage a group of people. Your elected politicians cannot be intimidated and controlled by unelected, unofficial party representatives who earn their living stirring up hatred, bigotry and intolerance.

Super PACs known and unknown spent millions supporting the Republican candidates of their choice, in many states far outspending Democrats. Yet Republicans lost many races they hoped to win.

People stood in long lines throughout the country, sometimes for hours, waiting patiently for the opportunity to exercise their right to vote. No amount of browbeating or efforts to limit voting was going to keep them away. Republican tactics backfired. Tell somebody they cannot do something, and guess what? They want to do it. Any parent can verify that scenario.

I could rattle on…how politicos such as Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove are, well, old politicos, with emphasis on the old – in outlook, outdated and out of touch.

I have no idea whether Romney is a moderate, a conservative, a moderate conservative or something else. I believe he sold his soul to the tea party to win the nomination. It is time for moderate Republicans – and there are some very good ones waiting in the wings – to rebuild their party.

I hope President Obama successfully accomplishes a good part of his agenda. He has four more years to shape his legacy.

Long before the President leaves the political arena posturing for the 2016 elections will begin. Time will tell if enough Republicans got the message voters sent loud and clear in this election and move their party forward.


  1. I'm not as up as I should be about political issues, but I think, the democrats sat by silently, letting the republicans spew their message, just waiting in the weeds until Nov 6. Then let their actions speak louder than words.

  2. A lot of people ignored - or tried to ignore - the constant political bombardment. Voting sent a louder, clearer message than the millions of dollars spent by SuperPACs, the ads and chatter of political pundits.