Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy Day Five: Laid Back Resort Living

There are distinct advantages to spending time in a resort. The décor is nice, the personnel friendly and amenities available. The food is good. There is coffee and bottled water in the room, clean towels (which I do not have to wash) and even a warm bathrobe in the closet. 
There are supplies of shampoo, conditioner and soap in the bathroom. 

The hotel is a golf resort, but none of the guests were interested in playing golf. For the last several days the hotel housed electric company workers brought in from other areas to help restore electricity, and many remain. 

The resort reopened to guests yesterday. We were one of the first to check in.

The place is full of Sandy refugees. Everyone has a story. Many, like us, are lucky and know their homes are intact despite needing some repairs. Others know their homes were destroyed by the storm. And many still do not know the status of their property.

Hub spent the day working. With his computer and phone he can set up an office anywhere.

I spent part of the morning in the fitness center and the afternoon in the pub/bar, writing, on the phone with friends and relatives, and checking the latest island news online. Hotel personnel were friendly, helpful and talkative, relating personal storm narratives of evacuation, flooded basements, debris-strewn yards, and work.

Part of our island was opened this afternoon – but not our town. Sewage issues have not been resolved.

Around dinnertime a friend from the island approached my table/desk/working space in the pub. She tried going home this afternoon but never made it. Word that the bridge was open got out fast. Cars backed up for miles, producing gridlock. The police checked IDs, allowing only full-time residents entry to the promised land island. Authorities closed the road at 6 p.m., enforcing a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew. Lots of disappointed homeowners were forced to turn around and wait until tomorrow.

Life goes on all around us. Last night our son and his family enjoyed a fun-filled Halloween dinner with friends and trick or treating around the neighborhood - in Colorado, far from the chaos of the East. The two girls were princesses and their brother a $100 bill (his idea). It is #1 son's birthday - Happy birthday, Matt!

Son #2 and family finally made it home from Arizona. They were supposed to fly home Monday, but the storm delayed flights. Four days later they finally made it home.

My Mom is still without electricity on Long Island. Some of the disabled residents of the senior apartment house where she lives left for shelters with power and heat, but most are apparently coping well.

We had a quiet dinner in the hotel dining room, then retired to our room to watch TV, catch up on the news and discuss contingency plans should we not get home tomorrow.

It was a quiet, laid back day. That was OK today, but we are ready to move on.


  1. I'm grateful to hear you are well and that your home is not damaged. Resilience seems to be the word that describes you. I love your adaptability.

  2. What a relief that your house is still standing. I wish you all the best with the clean-up.

  3. Glad to hear when you get to go home, you have a standing dwelling to go to. Praying the damage is minimal. I do appreciate your first hand reports. Stay safe!