Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Day Two: An Endless Day

The ignorance of blissful sleep!
The advantage of sleeping is that a lot of time passes and you do not know it. Tracking a storm predicted to pass directly in front of/around but hopefully not through our house makes for a very, very long day.

We evacuated to my sister’s in Harrisburg, PA, another city in Sandy’s path. So here we sit, eyes glued to the TV for as long as we have electricity.

I try to keep busy and not stare at the TV, watching the ocean relentlessly pounding the shoreline. This morning my sister and I went to a zumba class. Her gym was open until noon. We then stopped at Rite-Aid and picked up a few things before heading home. In the hour and a half from the time we left until we arrived home again, the rain worsened and the wind picked up.
Our island covered with water this morning.
As I write, the storm is 100 miles SE of Atlantic City, wickedly close to our home. A neighbor who refused to leave is our local contact. At 10:30 a.m. our block remained intact, but there were ominous signs of worse things to come. The bay and ocean waters merged and the entire area was covered with water, including our street, our small front yard and driveway. Somebody’s old TV, left outside on a porch or sidewalk, rested in our driveway.
A main street in Atlantic City this morning.
It is amazing how large an area Sandy impacts. From the Carolinas to New England and west through Pennsylvania and Ohio there are evacuations, disaster proclamations, and the likelihood of devastation, power outages and destruction. Political campaigns, the stock market, schools and everyday life for millions is disrupted.

The two worst storms over the past century striking our shore town occurred in 1932 and1962. Sandy is supposed to be worse than either previous storm.

My storm sentiments are similar to my feelings about the elections. I have heard too many speeches, TV commentators, debates, ads, articles and polls. Let’s vote, get it over with and move on.

And so it is with Sandy. Let’s get it over with and carry on.


  1. Reading your blog from Ontario, Canada and sending you warm thoughts. Be safe! I hope to read your blog entry of your Thanksgiving celebration with your loved ones from your home.

  2. It's Tuesday morning and here in Texas we're watching all the devastation 'Sandy' has caused... and it's covering such a large area! Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected. Hopefully the storm will disappear into oblivion soon and all those who need help will get it... ASAP!

  3. After reading yur earlier post i wondered how you were doing. I have been amazed at the damage that has been shown on TV. It looks like New Jersey took the worse of it. I've been impressed with Chris Christy. I hope when you get home that all will be well.