Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy Day Three: A Waiting Game Now

No electricity and dinner by candlelight. 

We lost electricity for a while last night. We were surprised but happy when the lights came back on.

The worst of the storm is over and now the return to normal life begins. We are still in Harrisburg, but hope to return home tomorrow. Governor Christie strongly discouraged anyone from entering his state today. Residents and businesspeople attempting to get on our island were unceremoniously turned away.
The road and parking lot in front of a supermarket and other  stores.
Water inundating the road and front yard of a favorite restaurant. These pictures and others can be found on the following site:  http://imgur.com/a/Q8sOl. 
On our island home the ocean and bay receded. Left behind was mounds of sand, dead fish and other debris. Downed trees, wires, and assorted other stuff litter the streets. I have not actually seen any of this with my own eyes, but pictures posted on the Internet from the few hearty souls remaining on the island throughout the storm bear witness to the damage.

We spent much of today attempting to get information about our home. Our wonderful realtor remained on the island and called us from outside our house, which was still standing and looked dry. We are unsure about electrical and other systems, but are apparently very lucky.

No county in the state of New Jersey was unaffected by the storm. Many areas have been devastated. 2.4 million are without electricity. It will be days and weeks in some areas before service is restored.

But things are slowly getting back to business as usual. I can tell because once again political rhetoric rules the airwaves. I doubt anyone will miss the incessant political propaganda assaulting us from both political parties once the election is finally over.

Storms, elections, and tomorrow is Halloween. There are rumors Governor Christie is going to reschedule the holiday so kids will not be deprived of their yearly sugar high. I do not mind.

I am ready to spend an evening handing mini pieces of joy to costumed children. It will be fun seeing the kids, exhausted parents in tow, dashing around the neighborhood. After a couple of hours working the handout gig, I will wrap myself in a blanket, grab a hot drink and several pieces of decadence, a.k.a. chocolate, and relax. Maybe I will invite a couple of neighbors, weary from post-storm clean up, to join me. Life as usual. How wonderful.