Monday, October 22, 2012

Miscellaneous Musings on Papers, Moppers and the Grandkids

The fall season and arrival of cool weather brings forth desires to clean my humble abode in preparation for winter hibernation as a couch potato. I actually made some progress de-cluttering rooms and going through papers piled up during a busy summer, left to review during a slower season. Which is now.

I do not know how many people still collect piles of papers. It might be an archaic art form rapidly becoming obsolete with the advent of electronic devices. But in many ways I am a child of habit, and there are times I prefer reading a paper newspaper or reviewing actual papers rather than an electronic document.

I made a couple of interesting finds. One was the following magazine article which caught my eye because it was about a topic I knew nothing about.


I had never heard the term before. It turns out moppers is short for mobile shoppers, people who access shopping sites, and sites such as Facebook and Twitter on mobile devices and buy online.

On the mopper curve I am a novice. I connect with a number of sites, including eBay,, and stores via wedding and shower websites and registries. I am an outlet and bargain shopper from way, way back. The web is a goldmine of bargains. 

On the other hand I am getting to an age where I want to simplify my life, and more stuff complicates life.

Apparently most moppers are young, connected consumers who spend money. I am not young, I am connected but not consumed by connections, and I try to rein in my spending.

The whole point of my reading the article was not to learn that I am a mopper, or how to become a better mopper, or who else is a mopper. The goal of my research was to find out what is happening beyond my world's borders. What are the latest trends?

And why is that important?

Because I do not want to appear foolish, unintelligent, brainless to my grandkids.

The youngest generation is growing up in a wired world that becomes stranger and more complex (to me) all the time. Their life experiences are vastly different from mine, past and present.

Two examples - my five-year-old granddaughter taught me how to take pictures on my new iPhone. And I have no idea what my eight-year-old grandson is talking about when he begins discusses his Pokemon cards.

I want to look engaged and interested and somewhat knowledgeable when interacting with them. I do not want to exhibit a totally blank look when they begin talking about – anything. I do not want to be totally dumb-founded and perplexed by their everyday objects and experiences.

Keeping up with the kids is hard work!


  1. Thanks to you, I know what I am, I'm a mopper. I totally shop on line. We're an hour and half from a mid size city. I hate running from store to store looking for presents. Since we moved to our northern retreat, I've become a mopper. I have 3/4 of my Christmas shopping done. Ms. UPS delivers it!! And the best part, I don't even have to look for boxes to wrap those odd shaped gifts~~ they come already boxed!! I love mopping!!!

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  3. I fully understand, but my feeling is that I cannot deprive my grand children of the opportunities of rolling their eyes and sighing deeply at my lack of modern vocabulary and skills. It amuses my daughter so much.

  4. I'm just not sure where I fit in with online shopping. I do it occasionally, but I would MUCH rather see what I am buying. Land's End and L.L. Bean get my vote but I still need to send things back now and then. I'd rather try things on first. :-)