Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hola Guatemala! Adios Guatemala! and Home Again

One week ago my sister, my niece and I boarded Air Cattle Car  a Spirit Airlines plane and embarked on our Guatemala family travel adventure. It was the beginning of a whirlwind week of non-stop activity.

Yesterday morning we once again boarded a Spirit Air flight heading north. Several hours and one more plane later we were home, back in the United States, very far emotionally, psychologically and physically from our third world vacation experience.

Today was spent recovering, catching up on sleep and re-energizing. Unpacking, laundry, perusing snail mail and e-mails, and other everyday tasks occupied the day.

Observations on our trip follow in later posts. Guatemala is an interesting country not on many Americans’ bucket list. When telling friends and family before we left of our destination, reaction was usually met with comments such as, “Really?” Why Guatemala?”

Meanwhile here are some pictures from our trip.
We toured a coffee plantation and sampled the product (I am in the middle). 
Coffee, bananas and sugar are the country's leading exports.
And the coffee is very good.
 And speaking of food...tortillas are a dietary staple and made by hand.

 We took a chocolate-making class. Here we are with Francisco, our instructor.
And here we are at the top of Temple IV at Tikal, an ancient Mayan complex. 
We climbed to the top of the monument - 
notice the top of other temples peeking out of the rainforest canopy.

 We rode horseback to Picaya volcano. 
Our guide roasted marshmallows for us in the heat of the gases from the volcano.
 And here I am in zipline gear. I did it and survived to tell about it!