Monday, August 13, 2012

Summertime and the living ain’t so easy

A number of factors prompted the decision to relocate a couple of years ago. Hub and I left central Pennsylvania and moved to a small house at the Jersey shore. One of the many reasons favoring a move to the beach town was a belief the kids would visit. And we were right.

Summer at our shore house suggests the beach, sun, warm temperatures, long, lazy days, free babysitters, free beach parking, accessible bathrooms…etc.

Our kids do not live close by and when they visit it is a treat.

We love seeing them, finding out all about the changes in their lives, playing with the grandkids, tolerating their fights and tantrums, and being a part of their lives. We are on the go from the earliest morning hours until evening.

But we are not young anymore. 

Which means I really, really need some downtime during a busy day. I could use a little time in the wee hours of the morning before actually moving. (where's my coffee? what do you mean I have to get dressed/play a game/take a walk/go shopping before reading the paper and checking e-mail? why do I have to be the first one in line when the store opens? Just because Rite Aid is open 24 hours does not mean we have to get there by daylight...)

By the time the kids are in bed I can hardly keep my eyes open. The house rule (for adults) is that we cannot go to bed until it is dark. That works great in the winter, but summer days linger. I literally fall into bed each night. I think I am asleep before my head hits the pillow.

We not only have the opportunity to spend time with our kids, their spouses, and the grandkids, but also enjoy the camaraderie of extended family and friends. When family visits, everyone wants to see each other and catch up. The little ones grow so fast! And, of course, there is the beach.

Family and friends convened at the house this weekend to celebrate two birthdays. The party, originally an outdoor event, became an indoor activity when the only thunderstorms seen in the past two weeks appeared over our house a couple of hours before the festivities were scheduled to begin. 

We celebrated the birthdays of two cousins. One princess celebrated her first birthday and one her second birthday.
The two birthday princesses.
It is wonderful when everyone visits.

And we miss them when they leave.

But we treasure the winter months, especially January and February, when no one wants to visit (who goes to the shore in winter?). That is when, for us, the living is easy.