Sunday, August 26, 2012

My House and the Local Home Tour

In early August a local charitable organization presented its one-day Home Tour, opening six wonderful million-dollar-plus homes in our community to the public, or rather those of us willing to shell out the dough to see the inside of these mega-homes. I was one of the eager individuals desiring to see the inside of what from the outside looks like lavish, expensive, over-the-top residences.

And some of them were. Some were new; most were not. All were spotless, beautifully decorated with interesting room accessories, wall hangings, and professional landscaping.

I was thinking of offering my home, although worth far, far less than $1 million, for next year’s home tour. Since the event occurs during the summer, the following pictures are excellent representations of what visitors would see when touring my home. My home would be an alternative to viewing upscale life at the shore; it would be more like a reality show depicting a typical family's beach experience. After viewing the pictures, let me know what you think.

The first photograph shows the variety of items just inside the front door. My home is not grandiose; it is rather small, with minimal storage.

 Just to the right of the entrance is the dining room table, currently enhanced by an on-going, three day OceanOpoly game marathon.
Moving on to the kitchen, my counter is adorned with drinking cups of the current crop of visitors. In the interest of recycling and reducing the large number of garbage bags overflowing my curb each week, each visitor retains their very own red cup during their stay.

The stove is decorated with goodies remaining from the birthday parties and snacks of visiting friends and family.

Walking into the family room, the fireplace area is enhanced by numerous toys collected over the years via hand me downs and garage sales. When grandchildren or other little ones are not visiting, they are packed away and stored in the garage.

My bathrooms are not cutely decorated, but when family and friends invade for the summer season, this is sometimes what greets the individual upon opening a bathroom door:

The master bedroom is not spacious but adequate in size, although during family visits adorned with the following floor fixture:

I did not include pictures of the laundry room (full of bathing suits and towels), the back yard (the kiddie pool a central feature), the driveway (lined with beach chairs and toys), or the two additional dorm bedrooms.

So what do you think? Ready for a house tour, House Beautiful photograph session, or Architectural Digest article?


  1. So it may not be House Beautiful, but it seems to be House Happy and Comfortable.

  2. I love to go on those home tours and also open houses, but it is hard to believe real people actually live like that. Your house looks real.

  3. I had a chuckle reading this one. I'm alwaus impressed when I visit other people's houses and don't see clutter. What do people do with their stuff? I've always got a pile of necessary stuff on the table beside my chair in the living room.

  4. Your house looks 'lived in' which I prefer to 'spotless' any day. My best memories as a child are on the gulf coast in a very small screened in porch cottage where my cousins and I spent wonderful summers...