Friday, August 3, 2012

Chaos Reigns – or is it Rains?!

Occasionally the pace of life is somewhat laid-back. There is time to scan the morning paper, check e-mail, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Then there are times when there seems never to be enough waking hours in the day to get everything done. Younger folk, and maybe some older ones, can toil long into the night. As I get older there comes a time, usually in the early evening, when my body declares “enough!”.

Confession time: I am also somewhat of a procrastinator. I do not let everything slide, but there are things that should get done that, somehow, remain on my to-do list day after day after day…

And, suddenly, the time approaches when things must get done NOW.

That is when a crazy kind of chaos reigns. So many things need to get done within a short period of time it seems it is raining stuff to do.

That is my current situation. The Colorado Crew (son, daughter-in-law and three grandkids) arrives tonight for three weeks.

I am not nearly as ready as I should be.

We dragged toys out of the garage just yesterday. Last year when the summer was over I threw all the toys in plastic storage tubs, thinking I had an entire year to go through everything, weed out broken toys, games with missing pieces, etc. A year has passed and I never got around to the task.

I spent an unusually long time in the supermarket this afternoon stocking pantry and refrigerator. I typically have a dearth of kid-friendly food around the house. No cookies, chips, mini-foods of any kind, and although there is a jar of peanut butter I do not have the kids’ favorite grape jelly. I bought diapers, wipes, cold cereals, juice boxes, goldfish, granola bars – you get the idea.

I want to make brownies (how can you have kids around and no brownies?) and collect in an easily accessible spot my unbreakable, indestructible dishes, otherwise identified as my outdoor china.

Today I paid bills, caught up on e-mails, but still need to finish weeding, feeding and watering the plants and flowers. Recent dry, hot weather has taken a toll on the yard. It needs a lot of TLC this summer.

I need to make sure there is enough toilet paper…

And finish all of the things I wanted to do around the house before the kids came.

Like organize shelves and bookcases in the family room (not done).

Clean out the pantry and make room for kid-friendly food (not done). Instead I have food on the counter, in the laundry room and stacked on shelves. I will just have to use stuff from the top on down – otherwise entire piles may tumble onto the kitchen floor.

The garage, home to beach chairs, bikes, garden supplies, winter clothes and an assortment of other items, is not the neat, orderly garage I envisioned. It seemed it was always too cold, too hot, too wet to work out there…

I could go on. But the jobs will be waiting when everyone leaves and it is quiet once again. Maybe this year it will snow and I will be forced to spend time inside, working around the house. That was my problem this past winter – we were never snowed in!

And so, ready or not, everyone arrives tonight. It will be great, exhausting, non-stop action for three very hectic weeks.

Let the fun begin!


  1. I cannot think of any point to cleaning and organizing the place before three kids arrive for a week. Unless your grand kids are a whole lot neater than mine.

  2. "It seemed it was always too cold, too hot, too wet to work out there… " Ha! Been there, done that! In fact, yesterday was 107, much too hot to even think about it.

    Enjoy your visit! When it comes down to it, the kids won't even notice...

  3. I never worried about being bored when I retired. Too many things to do and you prove it. Dianne

  4. Yeah, wait until after they leave to get organized. It's easier.

  5. Enjoy your visit! It seems like much of what needs to be done can occur with help from SIL and son. And don't forget to have fun! :-)