Monday, July 23, 2012

Summer at its Best

For at least one day the persistent, intense heat dissipated. The humidity dropped. The sky appeared a clear, bright blue and a slight breeze cooled the skin. The temperature hovered in the low 80s.

Sunday was a perfect summer day.

It is not often a beautiful, picture-perfect summer day aligns with the time, energy and ability to enjoy the day outdoors. Even less frequently are we able to experience such a day with friends. But that is what occurred Sunday.

Once the guys were done watching the culmination of the Tour de France cycling race, we loaded two cars with kayaks, water bottles, suntan lotion, paddles, life jackets and a small dry bag with cash and a cell phone.
All photos by J. Fava.
I am on the left, Jane on the right. I think my outfit deserves some kind of award for worst water sport outfit of the year, or decade - or ever. 
We launched from the closest boat ramp, about a mile away. It took a few minutes to unload all the gear and get organized. Then we paddled out and began our journey along the canals and channels comprising the intercoastal waterway, kayaking calm waters.
The journey begins.
We passed men crabbing in the bay and small fishing boats with some people fishing, but most along for the ride just hanging out, enjoying the day. We spotted folks sunbathing, men and women working up a sweat tending their garden, and kids of all ages swimming and carrying on in the water. We witnessed ducks and birds diving for their meal and watched osprey and other birds swoop over us.

Motorboats and skidoos whizzed by, creating a wake washing over our boats. We got soaked, but the water felt good.

Stopping to get out of our kayaks and stretch, we ate lunch on the deck of a bar/restaurant. The café provides a dock for hungry boaters and we took advantage of their hospitality.
Paddling the intercoastal, windmills in the background. 
Our day on the water ended about 5:30 p.m. We loaded the cars and drove home, exhausted but thrilled with our day together feasting on the glory that is summer.


  1. Oh, if I just had the nerve to wear an outfit like that! lol

  2. I don't know...that outfit seems kind of appropriate for the outing to me. Love those kinds of summer days.

  3. Our Sunday? Rain all day long. Yesterday we got a record temperature, all right, for the lowest high temperature on that day. It was a HIGH of 61 degrees! Sheesh! Hopefully August will be better than July has been. I think you look GREAT!

  4. Kayaks are kinda fun, aren't they. As for the outfit, I'm thinking . . . Gap ad, or is it more like Abercrombie & Fitch?