Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Starting All Over Again Exercise-wise

Before class…

It has been over six weeks – 6 long weeks – since I hit the gym and exercise class. We were on a fabulous three-week vacation, then came home for two days and it was back on the road again for an out-of-town wedding. Two weeks before we left was also very busy with no time for formal exercise; one week spent in Colorado with the kids and grandkids, and one week of holidays and vacation preparation.

I know this is a thinly disguised means of making excuses, but I have not exercised for  weeks. My body is showing it and I sure feel it. Some people are lucky and can get away with not exercising at all. Some can eat just about anything with no consequences. Don’t tell immigration, but I came home from overseas with fish and chips, ice cream and other edibles on my hips and around my waist.

We walked a lot while on vacation, and that helped keep some pounds off, but it is not the same as regular, vigorous exercise. I know I should have done more. I would have done more. I could have done more. But I did not.

And so the big day looms. The day I return to exercise class. For better or for worse. For a less fat, (hopefully) thinner body. I will go in sickness and in health. I will return to the gym. I will exercise. I will participate.
This is how I felt before class.
After class…

Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. I remember – I think it was a Jane Fonda exercise command, “burn, baby, burn”  - or something like that. She was not referring to a movie escapade.

I do not really believe that the more it hurts and the more I suffer, the better off I will be. That might be true of the young and the fit, but not the old and falling apart. I am more worried about hurting myself – pulling a muscle, for instance, or twisting an ankle – than becoming the next AARP pin-up woman.

And so with much trepidation I entered my jazzercise class yesterday afternoon, a fun, low impact (my jumping and pounding days are long over), tiring but not perspiring-I-am-going-to-die demanding ordeal.

The fact that I lasted the entire one-hour class was an achievement. I tried very hard not to look at the clock too often; it only makes me more tired and worried I will not make it through the hour. The first time I glanced at the clock we were fifteen – 15 – minutes into the class. Only 45 more to go. I felt OK.

I successfully completed the class, although I admit there were times during the last half hour - especially the last 15 minutes - when I could have been more enthusiastic, dynamic, energetic. But I was still standing and able to get dinner on the table when I returned home. And I did not fall asleep during dinner.
This is how I felt after class.


  1. You go girl. It will all pay off in the end. I actually was back at the gym yesterday myself. It felt good to be there.

  2. I love your before and after and you are inspiring me....sort of. dianne

  3. It WILL get easier, I promise! It's always the day after when I get out of bed that I realize how much I have overdone it. I'm rooting for you! There's the old saying "use it or lose it," but I won't say that. :-)

  4. Me, too. A two-week road trip followed by a cold followed by my current week with my sister in California.

    Next week I'll be home, eating better and back to my exercise program, a little at a time.

  5. Mercyn, I think you get huge kudos for that valiant and successful effort. I missed going to the gym again today ... that makes five years! I figure I owe a debt of gratitude to my dog, Maddy, who insists on walking me 3 miles a day. As I recall, I was asked to leave a Yoga class a few years ago with the instructor mentioning that she didn't feel it was a right fit for me. It was probably the incessant whining that did it. It's a tough habit to stick with. Damn good for you, I say!