Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pictures from Our Adventure Down Under

Proof positive we are actually in the land of Oz - hub and the iconic Sydney Opera House.

Everyone has seen pictures of the Sydney Opera House, but I have never seen pictures of the ladies' room. The top picture of the stalls does not really do justice to the beautiful, undulating stalls and wide aisle. The bottom picture of the sinks is a common rest room design here. The water from the faucet falls onto the surface and flows downhill into an unseen tank. 

This is an iconic - and historically-designated and protected - Sydney landmark - no kidding!

American culture has made deep, deep inroads in Australia. Need I say more!?

Bondi is a famous Sydney surf, sand and sunbathing beach. Yes, that windblown figure is me.
Sydney Harbor Bridge

Courageous souls can take a two hour training course, don safety clothing and a harness, (say prayers), and climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Look close and you can see a group of hearty souls walking up, and some on the top of the bridge hugging the flagpole!

Another popular Sydney activity is ascending to the top of the Observation Tower, seen here towering over the Sydney skyline. The tower was built to withstand a once-in-500-year earthquake, but I was taking no chances. Maybe next time...
Aboriginal carvings on a tree in Sydney's Botanical Gardens.

Stay tuned for more pictures from Down Under. 
Next installment - our new Australian friends and other native features.


  1. Love the design and logistics of the sinks in the ladies room. Great twist on the Opera House.

  2. Fabulous photos!!!! Thanks for taking us along on your trip!!!!