Monday, April 2, 2012

Homeward Bound, Temporarily

Time with grandchildren passes quickly, unless you are in a particular moment, when time may s-l-o-w down. Playing a board game of Payday, a card game of war, or paging through books with a toddler can be fun, but seem endless at the time. Bath time is oodles of fun but the old folks cannot wait to sit on the couch and rest after a long day of kid-centered activities – even if it is only 7:00 p.m.

Activities with the grandchildren included hiking, a day at the zoo and a ride on the Carousel. 
Sitting on the plane home, the week appears to have flown by. One moment you are hugging the kids hello and the next moment hugging them good-by. 

But that is the way it is in the twenty-first century of far-flung families. We all love where we live and our daily lives, but miss family interactions and togetherness. We will not see the kids for four months. August is, in some ways, a long time away.

Yet as Colorado recedes farther behind as the plane travels east, home beckons. There is mail to read and bills to pay. I have a full week ahead including two writers’ group meetings, hosting our first Evergreen Club visitor, family members visiting at the end of the week, and preparations and packing for our next great adventure.

One week from today hub and I embark on a three-week Australian adventure, another senior home exchange experience. Preparations seem daunting, but will be worth it once we settle on the plane and head halfway around the world. Neither one of us has been to Australia.

In between these events and activities we get as much work done as possible. One of the wonders of the modern era is the ability to get a lot of work completed, anywhere. Have computer will travel. We are modern-age roving peddlers, working and travelling simultaneously.


  1. Funny that I do not recall my grandparents ever doing the fun things like zoos and carousels. When I see my grand children I feel like I have to pack in the fun because who knows when I will see them again and time does fly.

  2. We are leaving on a two-week road trip next week. Seven nights will be with Evergreen Club members in Tennessee, Kentucky, or Virginia.

    What's your home exchange arrangement for Australia?