Monday, April 9, 2012

Dream Trip on Temporary Hold

Dream Trip On Temporary Hold

We woke up this morning anticipating the start of our dream vacation adventure. After weeks of waiting the big day arrived. Our United flight to San Francisco was scheduled to depart 5:25 in the afternoon. After an hour and a half layover in San Francisco we would leave on another United flight to Sydney, Australia. 

Meanwhile we had a lot to do.

I will not go into details but there might be guests and/or relatives (I guess sometimes they are the same - but not always!) staying in our home sometime in the next three weeks. We only found this out yesterday. The last few days was a whirlwind of house guests, relatives and holiday meals. The house was in far from pristine condition. I spent last night and this morning making sure beds had clean sheets, there were clean towels in the bathroom, and got rid of the books, papers, clothes and other items strewn around the house. We cleaned out the refrigerator. I vacuumed the numerous crumbs on the floor remaining from holiday meals – which I would have done anyway. I do not want to return in three weeks to find an ant or other insect colony enjoying my hospitality. We touched base with our neighbor, our local house watchman.

We made several quick stops on our way out of town. First stop was the local rec center to submit applications for our grandkids’ summer camp. We stopped at the bank and transferred money – not for our trip, but as an additional gift we are (unhappily) bestowing on the IRS. We detoured to the post office. We filled up the gas tank. We stopped at the rest stop for drinks.

It was an hour to the airport. We were on a tight schedule, planning to meet our senior home exchange house-swapping partners at 12:30 p.m. They will be staying in our apartment at the shore.

I had forgotten to make a sign - the kind limo drivers hold up as people exit the security areas at airports - so we could find our new friends and they could locate us. When we stopped for gas the attendant found a box flap and magic marker. Instant sign!

We met, exchanged house keys, turned over our car so our new Australian friends could drive to their vacation haven, gave each other instructions concerning our homes (heat, home idiosyncracies, etc.) and went our separate ways.

We proceeded to the airline counter, checked our bags and received boarding passes. We intentionally packed light – hub and I each have one bag (carry-on size) and backpacks for computers and reading material. The backpacks come in handy for hiking and other day trips. 

We moved on to security. There was only a few minute wait and no hassles. We walked towards our terminal and gate and stopped at a restaurant for lunch.

We had a leisurely lunch, checked email and relaxed until boarding at 4:50 p.m.

Boarding went smoothly. The plane left the gate on time.

Then the trouble started.

Engine trouble.

We are now sitting on the plane at the airport.

We have missed our flight to Australia.

The stewardess made an announcement that customer service agents were working on rebooking everyone with connections. Tomorrow.

The airline will put us up at a hotel tonight.

It could be worse. I realize that. But our dream adventure is on hold.

We are disappointed but optimistic.

Another announcement. We can get off the plane - but stay close. The PA system is not working well and we may not hear re-boarding announcements.

Stay tuned for the next leg of our overseas adventure. We left home eight hours ago and have proceeded exactly 60 miles to the airport.

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  1. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr that is so frustrating. I hope tomorrow goes better and you do get to Australia! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures.