Monday, March 12, 2012

And Then There Was Light

It was a miracle. It was 6:00 p.m. and not dark and dreary outside. I was not tired, lethargic and almost ready for bed.

I was awake, alert, and energetic.

It is amazing what a difference a day makes.

Turn the clocks ahead and my entire mindset changes. I do not feel as if the day is over before the evening news begins. I am not ready to couch potato, lying on the sofa wrapped in a blanket watching TV, complaining about the incessant commercials, then trying to find something to watch free On Demand, where at least I can zap through the commercials. Although now some stations are not allowing even that bit of TV watching sanity. I never was tech-savvy enough to tape anything, but I might have to learn. Or get another kid in the house. My grandson will be here for a few weeks over the summer. But then what will I do when he leaves?

I digress. Sunday was a beautiful, sunny day and hub and I took a walk together for the first time in weeks, probably months although I am reluctant to admit it. It was a bit windy but we wore hats and jackets and relished the bright sun on our face and the emerging winter people, like us, tentatively staking their claim to almost-spring territory.

The winter has been mild this year, and I am not complaining. It was great. But it still got dark early, and cold, especially anywhere there was no sun.

But suddenly flowers are blooming and there are signs of outdoor activity. Kids are walking and riding bikes around the neighborhood. Restaurants are setting chairs and tables outside. Enthusiastic, committed gardeners are beginning spring yard work. Landscapers are cleaning up winter debris and bringing lawns and flowerbeds back to life.

During our four-mile walk we passed a lot of people enjoying the warm-ish weather, eager to soak in the sun, light and early spring – or late winter, to be exact – energy.

We stopped at a pub for lunch, or actually an early dinner. By the time we exited it was 5:00 p.m., still sunny, but the shadows were growing and it was getting cold in the shade. We were not excited about another four-mile trek. We walked over to the bus stop and, taking the easy way out, took the bus home.

We were back home by 6:00 p.m. It was still light outside.

I feel as if I just woke from a long sleep, and in some ways I guess I have. Humans do not go into a long slumber during the winter, like bears do – after all, we are awake and aware (sort of) when we give birth. Bears do not eat, drink, defecate or urinate during hibernation. But psychologically we have a lot in common as many humans slow down during the winter. Unless we migrate south.

Winter, bah, humbug.

Welcome light!

Bring on spring!
Our yard is beginning to go from drab and dull to colorful