Monday, February 6, 2012


I spent the weekend in Philadelphia with my sister and niece. We spend a weekend together every year. The tradition began when my niece was a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh. My sister was going out to visit – it was Parent’s Weekend – and her hub was working. I went along for the ride. We had a great time and decided to make girls’ weekend a yearly event.

We had four girls’ weekends in Pittsburgh and then one year in Philadelphia where my niece is attending law school. We missed last year because we were busy selling Mom’s house, getting rid of most of her stuff and moving her into an apartment.

We renewed the tradition after the one-year hiatus this year.  The two of them – sister J and niece K - were determined to be very careful about what they said and did, fearing I would write about it. I told them I would not write anything that might be remotely embarrassing. Which, dear sister and niece reading this, I would NEVER do. Really. But I figured I could write about the fun things we did. After all, it is already posted on Facebook courtesy of K.

Saturday evening we saw Motherhood The Musical. The 90-minute no intermission (be sure to use the ladies’ room before the show starts – you don’t want to miss anything) show is hilarious. Any and all Moms will find at least a piece of the show they can relate to. Three women throw a baby shower for friend #4, pregnant with her first. There are wonderful, original numbers such as, Hallelujah the Kids are Finally Asleep, Costco Queen, Minivan, and Grannyland.

One of the best lines – I am prejudiced, but as a Granny I can definitely relate – from the song Grannyland goes something like, “What is my business?” – and pointing to her daughter – “You!”

Another tune is re-worded to the song sung by Barbra Streisand The Way We Were. How Great They Were is about how our (sagging, drooping) mammaries were once great (before babies, of course).

Picture taken from the stage of the show audience Saturday night.
We are the last three on the right, second row.

Saturday morning we took the train to Manayunk, a funky Philly neighborhood with lots of bars, restaurants, and small boutiques. We ate brunch at a place called Winnie’s and spent a couple of hours walking in and out of the stores. There are a number of consignment shops and collectible galleries in the neighborhood. We had great fun roaming the aisles and bought a couple of items.
Returning to Center City we changed from our jeans and sneakers into more urbane attire and made our way to the Four Seasons Hotel for High Tea before heading to the theater. 

We spent two hours in a room filled with other tables of women (we did not see one man at tea), many there for special occasions, obvious as waiters carried out birthday and celebration cakes. After the difficult decision about which tea to select (I finally chose a mint and chocolate-flavored tea), the waiter brought over a three-tiered, three plate holder. 
Not a picture of our food, but similar!

The top plate contained four different kinds of finger sandwiches. The second plate had two kinds of scones. Four different pastries adorned the bottom plate. 

There was clotted cream, a lemon topping that was absolutely luscious, and a jam the waiter said was made by the hotel – all garnishes for the scones. Everything was wonderful, deliciously decadent and delightful.

To assuage our calorie guilt we walked the 1½ miles to the theater – both ways. It was a beautiful night, especially for February in Philly.  Speaking as one who is not particularly fond of the cold, it was brisk without being uncomfortable.

Friday night we shared tapas at an Asian fusion restaurant, Sampan. It was restaurant week and Saturday night and the place was packed. We spent a couple of hours enjoying a variety of dishes, all  scrumptious. Did I mention we ate our way through the weekend?

 A picture of Reading Terminal Market not taken by me.

Sunday morning we walked over to the Reading Terminal Market for breakfast at the Down Home Diner and a walk around the mouth-watering stands. Then it was time to part. Niece K went home to her law books. J and I walked to 30th Street Station. J took the Megabus home and I took the train home, in the opposite direction.

A note on cameras and pictures - I obtained all the pictures for this post from the Internet. My camera has seen better days and needs replacing. I was hoping to buy a camera this weekend with the help of J and K, but never got around to it. I have no idea what to buy. I want something to take adequate pictures of my travels; I have no illusions of being a photographer. I want a reasonably priced, idiot proof (almost), small camera. Any suggestions?

Note to J and K: I hope this post meets with your approval.


  1. I love my little camera, not quite a point and shoot, and it's bigger than you might need because I've got at 12X optical zoom on it to get pictures of birds. It's a Canon PowerShot SX150 with image stabilization.

    One of my friends has a Panasonic Lumix and loves it. Much smaller than mine and has some cool features. You should be able to get what you want for somewhere between $200 and $300.

  2. Philly often gets a bad rap; but I hear that it actually has some cool places to visit. Certainly sounds like you all had a great time.

  3. Thank you DJan for your help in narrowing the field. There are way too many options and choices. Some shopping is really no fun.

  4. That Canon PowerShot is a great little camera! I've used an earlier model since 2006 and loved it. Just upgraded to a my first digital SLR. I've been taking pictures for 30+ years and it's the best camera I've had!

  5. Thank you Anonymous for the information. Going camera shopping this weekend. And thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. What a great weekend! I always wanted a sister.

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