Monday, February 27, 2012

Handy Couple for a Day

I spent the past two days at my Mom’s. Hub and I left early Sunday and arrived on Long Island just in time for lunch at Ben’s Deli. The three of us enjoyed corned beef and pastrami sandwiches and shared a dessert. The apple strudel was my Mom’s idea. She loves strudel.

Then it was time to begin work. Hub and I spent the afternoon sorting and hanging pictures and drapes and fixing the vacuum cleaner. Then we were off to Home Depot to buy storage shelves for one closet and a lamp for the bedroom.

Hub the Handyman
Returning from the store Hub assembled the shelves. Mom and I filled them with photo albums, boxes of pictures and scrapbooks.

We were dog tired after working all day!
This morning hub left for a business trip. Mom and I visited a friend of hers who is housebound with full-time help. She is almost blind, hard of hearing and has assorted other health problems that make it difficult to talk or easily maneuver around. It is a harsh fact that so many of Mom’s friends – she is 87 – are gone or in poor health. Mom is in amazingly good health with more energy than a lot of people decades younger.

After a late lunch back at the apartment I drove home.

I arrived in the early evening to –

A bookcase in the family room full of pictures to be hung.

A couple of bookshelves full of toys to be stored away following a visit by the grandchildren last summer. They will be visiting again this August, it is almost March, so I doubt the toys will make it into storage this year.

Boxes of books in the garage from our move almost two years ago. I need to clear a couple of shelves to make room for them. 

Boxes in the closet full of loose pictures, empty albums and empty picture frames purchased with good intentions.

Boxes full of I am not sure what in the garage yet to be unpacked.

Two kitchen shelves stacked with plastic ware for summer meals outdoors. The plates, cups and utensils should be stored so that a few casserole and other dishes can be returned to their original home. The dishes remain in a box somewhere; I think on a shelf in the laundry room. Somehow I have managed to cook meals for months without them.

You get the idea. I should set aside time to be my own handyperson and hang pictures, make albums, unpack boxes…

But time passes and stuff does not get done.

I could do some things this weekend, but hub wants to work on the taxes (an undertaking our marriage just barely manages to survive each year). If the weather is nice we will take a long walk in the afternoon. Next week I will spend time with a girlfriend, now living in Las Vegas, in town for a few days visiting family. The following weekend my sister-in-law will be here.

The handyperson chores will have to wait.

Maybe I can put my kids to work when they visit this summer.


  1. Yes, by all means put the kids to work.
    Sounds like you had a productive if exhausting time. I'm sure your mom was grateful. How wonderful she is in such good health. Age is not usually so kind.

  2. You are so fortunate to still have your mom around, and in such good health, too. My own mother has been gone since 1993, and she was only 69, my own age right now. I still miss her. So your time was well spent! :-)

  3. Your mom has good taste -- apple strudel is the best!

    You have good priorities -- people are more important than boxes of stuff.

    And you also have a good idea -- put those kids to work!

  4. The only time in my entire life that I have actually gotten through the cartons and shelves of clutter was when I abided by the Flylady method of 15 minutes a day, starting to the left of the door to each room. I even bought her timer -- and used it to sort everything from my office to 40 years of photos! See She's delightful, she's free, and she's right! And I need her now . . .

  5. My hubby is almost as old as your mom. He is in good health too, TG.

    My kids won't work for me anymore. They think they need help. (Oldest is 50 and others in their late forties now.)

    Taxes, uck!! Dianne

  6. Wow, you accomplished a lot. I would be glad to get all that done in a week, ok, maybe in a month. You are lucky to be able to help your mom. Mine is 95 and full of good health and energy, but she lives six hours away. That makes it hard to help her.