Thursday, February 23, 2012

Forty Years Together

We married on Long Island the day after a snowstorm in February 1972.  It was a sunny, bitterly cold Sunday afternoon. Most guests made it to the wedding, including friends travelling a distance. One couple from upstate New York practically had to dig themselves through the highways, but made it to the island. Another couple traveled from the South. A highway sign fell on their car, smashing the hood. But they made it.

1972 was the year -
The Winter Olympic Games were held in Sapporo, Japan.
Hank Aaron became the first baseball player to sign for $200,000/year.
Congress approved the Equal Rights Amendment. It was never ratified.
Women ran in the Boston Marathon for the first time.
George Wallace, Governor of Alabama running for President, was shot and paralyzed.
White House ‘plumbers’ broke into National Democratic headquarters at the Watergate in Washington D.C.
11 Israeli athletes were slain at the Munich Summer Olympics.
The TV show M*A*S*H premiered.
On December 30th Nixon halted bombing and announced peace talks with North Vietnam.

Forty years later –
The summer Olympics will be held in London.
Alex Rodriguez was the highest paid baseball player in 2011 at $31,000,000 (that's millions).
We are again at war.
We can watch M*A*S*H reruns.
There are still (or is again?) right wing extremists running for President.
We own stuff barely on the horizon four decades ago, such as our computers, iPhones and iPods (I do not have either iProduct, but it seems most people do).
What did we do before Starbucks, post-it notes, the Internet, push through tabs on drinking cans, Cabbage Patch Kids, YouTube?…but I digress.

Our two sons are married with families; we have four grandchildren and two grand dogs.

Our anniversary day found us driving almost 400 miles from one son’s temporary home in Columbus OH to our place. I can tell we are getting old because we stop more to pee, stretch our legs and buy drinks - which is why we have to stop and pee more. We arrived home about 8:00 p.m. tired and hungry, purchased a couple of sandwiches at a local bar and ate at home.

 Two nights later we decide to celebrate our anniversary and go out to dinner, using a coupon at a local restaurant purchased from an online deal company. I knew exactly where it was. I scooped the coupon out of the file and quickly perused it as we walked out the door.

Uh oh.

I screwed up.

The coupon expired four days earlier.

We agree to go to the restaurant and plead our case. Hub parked the car while I went inside. To make a short story even shorter, I walked out. I realize I erred, but was more irritated by the arrogance and attitude of the two employees (not kids). I would have been OK if they had said, sorry, we can’t honor it because…and were nice about it. They were not.

We went to a local bar-restaurant with good food and reasonable prices, enjoyed a nice dinner and went home for coffee.

Our 40th anniversary splurge is a trip planned later this year.

One of the biggest changes in our lives recently and in the future is our approach towards opportunities. We have come to a point in our lives where, when opportunities present themselves, we often say yes. Previously we usually decided we did not have the time and the money. We figured we could always do things later.

Well, later has arrived. I am not sure how long both of us will be fit and strong enough for travel and other activities before health or other issues impose limitations. We can no longer wait for the right time. The reality is the time will never be perfect. Our time is now. Happy anniversary!


  1. Happy Anniversary!! Glad you had a great anniversary!!! You and I were married the same year!!! The ex and I were married in May of 1972.
    Heck!!! I live about 200 miles from Columbus -- I wonder if I'm along your route.

  2. Are we old or what! At least my kids think so.
    We take I-70 thru W. VA (Cabella's is a pee stop) and Ohio.

  3. A very happy anniversary to you two. Don't things change in 40 years? You have the right idea, live for the moment, as we don't know what tomorrow will bring. Many many more years of good health and wedded bliss. (on most days!!!)

  4. Happy anniversary. I agree with your with your thought process. We only have today for sure. Enjoy it.

  5. Happy anniversary!

    We just discovered that even though the red-eye cross-country flight is the cheapest, it's not worth the recovery time.

    Oh, well!

  6. Happy anniversary! Forty years is a long time. I like your comparison; it makes me realize that some things change but others stay the same...

  7. Happy Anniversary. Glad you could salvage the day and had a good one.
    Loved the 40 year comparisons. Amazing what has happened in that time span.
    I too scratched,"maybe someday" from my thought process. If I don't do it when I think about it, I may not get the chance.

  8. Happy Anniversary! Forty years is quite an accomplishment, especially these days...congrats to you both. Loved the 40 year comparisons...Cheers to you both. ~Joy

  9. Nice post, reminding us how much has changed ... or not. Does history repeat itself? Anyway, I agree, grab those opportunities when you can -- and congrats. on 40 years!

  10. I found this blog by accident. Feb. 26th, my husband and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary also. We married on Long Island too.