Monday, January 2, 2012

On the Lighter Side - 2012 Predictions

My predictions, some serious and some not so much, for the coming year. The list is also posted on my other blog, From Rag to Richards.        

      Daily volatility experienced in the stock market will lessen. The Dow will close out 2012 at 13,438, a 10% increase for the year. The Dow closed 2011 at 12,217.56.

There will be another scandal impacting a major financial player.

Europe will continue to flounder economically through 2012.

American troops will still be in Afghanistan on December 31, 2012.

Mitt Romney will probably be the Republican candidate for President, although apparently he is the only one enthusiastic about the idea.

Governor Christie of New Jersey will be the Republican Vice Presidential candidate.

The Republicans will not be able to get their act together, neutralize the far right and put forth a strong, unified message. Therefore President Obama will be re-elected.

Republicans will begin to pay attention to the Election Day message that Americans want a more open-minded, tolerant system that advocates an American tradition of compromise and respect for the opposition. The Obama-bashing, narrow-minded, uncompromising Tea Party ideology will eventually be replaced by a more moderate political stance that offers a chance for the Republican Party to win the White House in 2016.

The unemployment rate will finally begin to drop significantly.

The housing market will stabilize and new home construction rebound.

The economy will recover enough and people now discouraged see and experience positive changes. This is the Republicans’ worst nightmare – the economy improves significantly enough that people acknowledge the recovery is real and feel confident again before the November elections.

Newt Gingrich will divorce his current wife.

Rush Limbaugh will divorce his current wife.

Lady Gaga will buy a house in Lancaster County. I will NOT see Lady Gaga on my visits to Lancaster County.

The TV show Two and a Half Men will finally end. Reruns will always be around, but new ones will no longer plague us.

The Kardashians will still be in the news; Snooki too.

The boxes of stuff from our last move parked in the upstairs closet will finally get unpacked. The boxes in the garage will either be unpacked or thrown out.

My brother-in-law will continue his almost life-long record of unemployment.

Speaking of the weather…
We will have a mild winter in the Northeast.
       A couple of heat waves will break records in the Northeast this summer.
       Drought continues in the West and Southwest.

        I will win the lottery big-time. I can dream…

I wish everyone a safe, happy and healthy 2012. It is time to turn the page on the past decade and move on to a more successful future. May 2012 be a year of encouraging new beginnings for everyone.


  1. Oh, this is actually very uplifting! I do hope all (or almost all) of these come true. What about the end of the world? You forgot to mention it! :-)

  2. I guess the end of the world is not uppermost in my mind. When it occurs, I will be sure to write about it. Or maybe I will just write about the many, many, many times over the millenia the end of the world has been predicted. Anyway, no rush to get our affairs in order. But then again, if the world ends, who cares?!

  3. Sigh. I'm at the point where I want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head and leave a wake-up call for 2013. Then again, I signed on to work (volunteer) for the Democrats . . .

  4. Some great prognostications. I'll bet on Marco Rubio as Romney's veep pick. But I agree, as long as unemployment comes down, Obama will keep the presidency. And that's okay with me. (I don't think Romney would be a disaster; but still, I'm prob. gonna vote for Obama).

    I HOPE Lady GaGa doesn't move to Lancaster Co. -- they don't need her. Finally, I'm sick of 2 1/2 Men -- Ashton Kutcher only demonstrates that Charlie Sheen was actually GOOD in that role. And I'm sick of hearing about the Kardashians, too, even tho' I have never once seen their show.

    Anyway, I bet you're more right than wrong. I'll mark it on my calendar to check back next Jan.