Sunday, November 27, 2011

Putting Off Until Tomorrow...

There are lots of things I want to do around the house but never seem to get around to doing. I am a class-A procrastinator when it comes to home work. I am not sure why.

We moved into our new home (new to us; the house is about 60 years old) a year and a half ago and there are still boxes stacked in the garage to be unpacked.

There are boxes of pictures waiting to be sorted, placed in frames and hung on the wall or inserted and carefully arranged in albums, telling stories of kids, holidays, vacations and assorted other events. I admit these boxes predate the move. But then I was working full-time…

Silver pieces inherited from my grandmother and aunt sit in a box or stacked on a shelf begging for cleaning and a place of honor in their new abode.

My office is a jumble of large plastic storage boxes, assorted files and papers carefully arranged in piles on the bed. Whenever we have guests – as we did this past weekend – I swoop up the papers, place them in a bag and eventually reassemble the piles, once the holiday bedlam settles, on the bed once again.

Summer dishes – plastic ware used for backyard barbecues and by the grandkids indoors and out during their summer stay – remain stacked on a shelf. There is limited storage space in the house, and there are cookware items piled somewhere in a closet or garage waiting to return to their proper shelf and use. I think my crockpot is one of these items. Unused in summer, I have been thinking about making soup and other slow-cooking comfort foods as the weather begins to cool.

After only a year and a half my clothes closet needs a good cleaning and de-cluttering.

I am getting depressed thinking about all the things I should be doing NOW. But I am not doing any of them. I do not have the ambition.  Only the guilt. It is much more fun to write, blog, read, go to exercise class, travel and partake of other non-house-related activities.

Maybe I will do things when I am housebound in a snowstorm this winter.  Or home with a bad cold.

Or maybe most things will be placed at the bottom of my to-do list until some future time when staying home doing home-related endeavors has more appeal. I love my house, but I do not particularly like home beautifying, decorating and enhancement kind of activities. For now I will do the laundry and (some) cooking; the rest will have to wait.