Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Dude in the Pink Shirt

Hub attended a business meeting this past week out of town. The company sponsoring the seminar urged participants to wear a pink shirt for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We had a few days to buy a pink shirt. There was not one pink item in hub’s closet – not a pink shirt, tie, t-shirt, or even one pair of underwear or socks a shade of pink from melding with red garments in the washing machine.

Shopping for a shirt was not a hardship. Hub could use an extra shirt or two and we are a couple of miles from an outlet complex. Last weekend we drove to the outlet and spent a couple of hours roaming the stores. It was a pleasant afternoon, we had nothing else on our agenda, and we were on a mission.

Few stores carried men’s pink shirts. I guess it is not an ‘in’ color this year. I was hoping to find a pinstripe; hub would be more amenable to wearing it again. Most of the stores carrying pink shirts were high end – or at least, more high end than our budget allowed.

We finally found a pink dress shirt at Van Heusen. The shirt did not necessarily have to be a dress shirt, but long-sleeved pink polos were hard to find; it was too cold for the short sleeve ones on clearance.

A couple of days later hub packs his meeting uniform – jeans, a grey vest and the pink shirt – and embarks on a flight to Chicago. The following morning he gets up early and attempts to get dressed, only to discover the store had forgotten to remove the nonremovable plastic whatever-it-is-called from the shirt to prevent stealing.

We had paid for the shirt, the cashier then placed it in a bag and we walked out of the store. Neither of us remembers the alarm going off as we exited.

Hub could not remove the nonremovable. There were a couple of hours before the meeting. He had two choices. He could wear the shirt he had worn the previous day (not pink and not necessarily clean) or buy another shirt. He chose the latter plan of action.

Dashing into a clothing store he purchased a bright pink pullover. He donned the jeans, pink pullover and grey vest and proceeded to the meeting.

Only a minority of the attendees followed the suggested dress guidelines. I guess they did not own a pink shirt and did not want to buy one, or did not care.

I now own a pink pullover; there is no way hub will wear the shirt again. It is a women’s shirt; he could not find a men’s pink garment in the store. But that is a secret…

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  1. You gotta give your husband kuddos for effort!!!!!!!! Nice you got a new sweater!