Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Picture Perfect After the Rain

The weather was lousy for much of September, but as October arrives the weather has finally begun to improve. Every day is no longer cloudy, rainy, often windy and cold. We actually saw the sun this afternoon and it is forecast to warm up through the weekend. Time to enjoy some crisp, cool, bright, sunny fall weather before shorter days and rainy, wet, colder weather sets in for the long haul. A late afternoon thundershower preceded this amazing rainbow. 


  1. I went looking on the sidebar to find your profile so I could figure out where you live, but I wasn't successful. It just doesn't sound like the Pacific Northwest, where I live. It's been stormy and rainy for a week now!

  2. I live on the East coast - the Jersey shore. Another beautiful day today!

  3. Supposed to be 80 degrees this wknd. Last gasp of summer! (But, ya know, I'm kind of enjoying this cooler weather.)

  4. Oh, that is beautiful! Rainbows are good luck, and I feel you just brought me good luck, when I clicked on your picture. :-)