Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Grandparenting Week Later and All is Well

Time flies when you're having fun — or so people say. But time also flies when you are so busy and exhausted you may not be thinking straight. Home once again following a week with three grandkids, I am slowly getting my sane self back…

Philadelphia is not one of the best airports to fly in and out of. The flight out started uneventfully.  The plane pushed out of the gate and began approaching the runway. Anyone who has ever flown out of Philly knows that taxiing to the runway does not necessarily mean a quick takeoff. Philly is renown for the waiting game. The captain announces, "Well, folks, we are 25th in line for take-off."  A half hour later,  "Sorry folks. Things are going a bit slowly today. We are now 17th in line for takeoff…" and so it goes. 

Last week's takeoff was initially postponed because all flights west were temporarily halted because of bad weather in the Midwest. The plane taxied to a lone spot on the airfield and the plane fell silent. You don't realize how loud the engines are until they are turned off. We sat for over an hour, but then, once again and finally, were on our way again. It could have been a lot worse; I have read of people being held on planes for hours. 

Another not-so-positive part of the trip involved my seat assignment. On the plane going to and returning from Denver I had the same aisle seat (yeah!) but it was directly across from the lavatory (boo). The trips lasted hours, so there was a constant stream of people in and out of the lav (boo). I tried to ignore the jostling and passing activity but it proved difficult (boo). When anyone left the lab and did not close the door I was staring into the lighted lav looking at the toilet (boo). 

The grandkids are always fun, exhausting, challenging and physically demanding, especially picking up and carrying the one year old. Hub and I were grandparents-in-residence as Mom and Dad were away from Friday through Tuesday afternoon. And - how lucky could we be — the seven year old did not have school on Friday and Monday. I do not remember my kids being off from school so often for teacher conferences and other non-holidays, but maybe I am beginning to lose my mind, or at least my memory.

Over the few days there were meals prepared, eaten (sort of) and cleaned up. There was a birthday party for one child to attend which middle child crashed in time to enjoy pizza and cake. There was a trip (sometimes two or three or more) to the Children's Museum, two schools (one preschool, one elementary school), Starbucks (I needed nourishment), dance (tap and ballet for the four year old), Mommy and me music class — they let grandmas in too (with the one-year-old), the pool (still open after Labor Day!), the supermarket, Noodles for lunch, Cold Stone for ice cream…not in this particular order and not a complete list, but you get the idea. And we cannot forget Charlie, their golden retriever, who also required attention and care. 

Tuesday night I hugged and kissed everyone good-bye and was up at 4:30 a.m. Wednesday morning on the way to the airport. Early morning mid-week flights are usually the cheapest. The flight left on time and was in the air in just a few minutes. I spent most of the time reading a book (an adult book - no more Fancy Nancy or Pinkalicious or Captain Underpants for a while). Hub picked me up at the airport (he had flown home a day earlier because of work commitments), we went out for a late lunch, stopped to see my mother-in-law at her assisted living facility and finally arrived home. Spent the evening watching TV; there was no energy remaining for any other activity. 

This morning I woke up late and missed my Zumba class. But for the first time in over a week I can sit on the couch, computer on my lap, drink next to me, relax and work. 

And so it is, until the next Grandma/Grandpa travel time. I am not sure when that will be, but the four year old mentioned more than once that she is going to be in her first dance recital in December. How many of us remember spending hours watching kids dance (or try to) until finally your child is on stage for three minutes? We will not make any travel plans soon.  


  1. Ah, the pleasure of sleeping in, even if you missed the class. You had plenty of exercise last week, it seems. Glad you're home, and I do hope you have a great and relaxing weekend... :-)

  2. Sounds like it was worth the trip. But thanks for reminding me: No wonder I hate to fly!

  3. Just stopped by to thank you for visiting me and let you know that I'm returning the courtesy and adding you to my ever-burgeoning blogroll. Today I added a post with a link to the ALA website with a longer and more complete Banned Books list. Have fun!!!!

  4. Every time I'm with my grandchildren for a few days, I wonder how on earth I managed to raise my own two as a single mom!

    Then I remember I was 30 years younger.