Friday, June 3, 2011

R.I.P. Lenovo Thinkpad - Almost

My laptop spent the past two days in the computer hospital. I was working yesterday morning when my screen suddenly froze and a box appeared:
Critical error.
Restart computer immediately.
I quickly closed programs, shut down, waited a minute and restarted. A larger box appeared on a black screen:
Critical errors. Perform diagnostics.
I clicked the continue rectangle and the machine immediately began doing something. A list of problems appeared. Next to each item on the list eventually appeared one of two messages – problem resolved, or correction failed.
Most problems were not corrected. I tried shutting down and rebooting again. Same diagnostics occurred. That was it. I was stumped. I called my computer geek, Scott, owner of a small company less than half a mile from my house called PC Medic. I immediately packed up and dashed out the door.
I am not a new PC Medic customer. This is my fourth visit in a few months. The first time I called Scott in desperation was following a lengthy phone call - well over two hours - with what I thought was Lenovo tech support. It turned out to be some outsource company in India. Anyway, they could not figure out on the phone how to fix whatever ailed my computer.  One solution suggested was to send them the machine. I hung up and decided to find help closer to home.
This time Scott immediately diagnosed the problem as a virus of unknown origin that had infiltrated the computer. My up-to-date virus ware was not fool-proof, Scott informed me, and this one was especially sneaky and virulent. He would work on the problem.
This afternoon the long-awaited call came. I recognize the fact that I can be very impatient and anxious when it comes to my computer—I feel lost without it. Returning from the computer hospital yesterday morning I realized I had an entire day to reschedule. I completed some much-needed and valuable tasks, such as gardening and dinner. I also managed to do some of the things I always put off, like paperwork and cleaning…
 My computer was once again up and running. Scott was ready to leave the office for the day. He offered to deliver my machine and appeared on my doorstep about 15 minutes later. We turned on the computer, went through a few steps to ensure it was working, and he left.
 IBM/Lenovos are supposed to be top-notch computers. I think I got a lemon. I have only had the machine 1 ½ years. It was a discontinued model; that’s why it was a bargain.
My next computer will be a Mac. My first computer was an Apple, or whatever they called it years ago, and I loved it. Then Microsoft became the software of choice for business, and I moved on. Reluctantly. Things are different now. Macs are everywhere. I am becoming old and cranky and want a Mac.
But right now my computer is fixed and seems to be working fine. We will see what happens. All I have to do is be sure to save my work on an external stick or other device often – just in case. And salt away funds for that Mac.


  1. Wow, house delivery--what a great computer geek.
    Blogger has a problem lately so that people like me--and no, I don't know what qualifies people like me--can not leave comments on those blogs that have the comment section embedded below the post unless we select anonymous.
    If you change your comment settings to "full page" then more people--like me-- could leave comments. Just a thought.
    Glad you are up and running now. Isn't it amazing though how much we get done when the computers get sick?
    Arkansas Patti

  2. Everyone I know who has a MAC just loves it. I too started with an Apple but then work moved on and took me along. Maybe I will look into the MAC now that I use the computer for fun, not work.