Sunday, May 22, 2011

Marketing My Brand

I read an article in a recent Forbes magazine about Donald Trump. He is all over the news. He finally announced that he is not running for President, and I doubt anyone was surprised. Forbes, he contends, consistently over the year has underestimated his fortune. He really is worth a lot more than the magazine guesstimates.
That is not the part of the article that really got me thinking. A big part of Trump’s worth is his brand – his name. Trump the name and brand is worth millions. He can market it and sell it.
That is what started me mulling over the opportunities. Why can’t I brand - me? After all, there are some things that make me a better brand than Trump.
For instance Trump had a negative net worth around 1990 of -$900 million. The only time I had a negative net worth was when I graduated college. I had zero money or assets and only school loans. That was decades ago. And the loans are all paid off.
Trump declared corporate bankruptcy four times. He never filed personal bankruptcy. But I have never declared any kind of bankruptcy.
My hair has never been great, but hair dye and a brush does wonders.
So I am thinking of branding and marketing myself. I could use my blog name MerCyn.
Maybe a company will pay to use MerCyn on their merchandise…
Definitely food items. I love to eat.
MerCyn Cider (hard or apple, I’m open to negotiation)…MerCyn Merry Berry Cynful Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (I really like this one)…MerCyn Mer-aculous Cinching Cream (apply liberally and watch your waist shrink) Not food, but a condition resulting from too much food…MerCyn Cynfully Delicious Coffee… MerCyn Cinnamon Buns (I don’t like them, but my Mom loves them)…
I’m open to other ideas. Any company out there who wants to use the name, e-mail me ASAP. My net worth numbers could use some plumping up.                     

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  1. I think you are on to something here. I've looked at Martha Stewart from a similar perspective for some time now.