Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Marketing the Brand Part II - Homage to the Brand Queen

Donald Trump and I do not hold a candle to the marketing brand queen, Oprah. There is probably not an adult in America who does not know who she is. After 25 years she is ending her show to concentrate on her OWN TV network. Whatever she does in the future, Oprah is a brand icon and an entrepreneurial genius. She piloted her way to stardom and will probably build a successful, expansive media network.
I have to admit I was never an Oprah watcher. I worked during the day and otherwise was involved in activities precluding me tuning in. But I know some of what she has accomplished.
I totally admire and in some ways can relate to Oprah.
·         She created herself and her success.
·         She is her own person.
·         She has a weight problem.
·         She is a baby boomer.
·         She is literate and READS!
·         She is ambitious…
·         And rich (self-made)…
·         And has made mistakes.
·         O seems like a genuinely real person.
I will continue to follow her career and wish her only the best. Maybe she will share some of her branding secrets with Donald and me.


  1. And she inspired others to read.

  2. I totally agree. I admire her greatly too and I love how down to earth she is really. I had to chuckle when Steadman said something about her still taking her lunch to work every day. As for Donald well I cant get passed the hair, lol.