Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Steamboat Vacation Part Two

It has been several days since our Steamboat adventure and I believe I am finally recovered. Kids can be exhausting to an old lady, but they do keep you young-at-heart and constantly in motion.
Steamboat is known for its hot springs. The city has a wonderful outdoor hot springs pool facility where we spent one morning. The kids got a kick out of swimming outside when it was snowing!
We spent one afternoon snow tubing. The tubing hill was located on a ranch several miles outside Steamboat. The main road was fine, and the side road wasn’t too bad, although there were a couple of tricky switchbacks. Once we reached the ranch entrance we figured we had arrived. We were wrong. It was more than a mile to the tubing hill on a rocky, bumpy, partly snowy dirt road. Tubing was fun and a little scary at first. The best part was the tow up the hill. The tube connected to a clasp, you jumped on and enjoyed a slow ride up. The 3-year-old was too little to go alone, so the two G’s took turns going down with her. Her older brother went off tubing on his own. It was a good thing we paid by the hour – it felt like all afternoon to us – but the G’s had enough, the 3-yr-old had enough, and the 6-year-old had to quit.
One morning we went ice skating. I went a couple of years ago for the first time in decades. The next time was at Steamboat.  We were the first ones on the indoor ice arena for the morning public skating session. The 6-year-old - hereafter called H1 - went out on his own, stumbling a bit, falling, but managing. The 3-year-old – H2 in future posts - needed help. I held her arms and we moved forward together. I was thinking – how long can I keep this up? We were on the ice about 15 minutes when other people began making their way onto the ice. Little ones went barreling out with what Grandpa called ‘ice walkers’. We got one for each of the kids, and they were off and skating. H2 was suddenly the big shot, skating all over on her own. Grandpa ended up twisting a leg muscle and is still recovering – he has an unbelievably huge black and blue mark on his leg – but will survive.
We drove back to Denver and spent the weekend before flying home on Monday (Sunday flights are the most expensive). We had tickets for the Colorado Rockies baseball game Sunday afternoon but it snowed. Snowed! It hit 80 degrees (that’s not a typo) on Saturday. Sunday afternoon it rained and sleeted and snowed. The game was cancelled, so the kids can go to another game this season.
We arrived home to flowers in our front yard. The first fresh flowers of spring now adorn my house.


  1. Wow, that sounds like so much fun. When I visited my grandmother, she let me help with the laundry and the dusting. I try to do better with my grandkids.

  2. You are one intrepid grandma. You deserve an award. But sitting in the hot springs while it's snowing outside -- that sounds pretty cool!