Thursday, April 7, 2011

Steamboat Springs Here We Come!

We left Denver after breakfast: me, hub, 3-year-old granddaughter and 6-year-old grandson. We all packed into the family van equipped for a long ride and mountain vacation. There were suitcases, snacks, movies, books, video games, pillows, stuffed animals, boots, coats…it was a wonder there was enough room for the four humans.
It wasn’t long before there was a request for movies and a snack. I am not sure which came first. Of course the kids could not agree on a movie. They said two movies could play at the same time and told us exactly where each DVD went; one in the bottom slip on the dashboard, another behind the radio. Each kid would need earphones, but we soon discovered one set did not have batteries. After much maneuvering they settled for one movie at a time. (Grandma and Grandpa are technologically challenged when it comes to the devices found nowadays in cars and grandkids’ homes. I still cannot use two remotes to turn on their big TV, locate a show and actually watch it).
Before arriving in Steamboat Springs there was one proper pee stop, one stop combining gas, Starbucks snacks and potty, an emergency pee stop on the side of the road, a stop for lunch and a stop at the Information Center. The 157-mile ride took a good part of the day. We arrived at our hotel by late afternoon.
We were pleasantly surprised at how nice our accommodations were. We used to locate and book our place. The quoted price sounded great so we were not quite sure what to expect. There were two large bedrooms with plenty of closet space, a kitchen/family room in between the bedrooms and three bathrooms (yes – 3 bathrooms!!). The hotel had an indoor pool and very helpful staff.
We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around downtown Steamboat Springs – not exactly a metropolis, but offering several restaurants, boutiques and art galleries, a consignment shop (I almost forgot – bought the kids each a hat), movie theater and assorted other businesses. We found a book store that was unfortunately going out of business. We spent some time reading, looking at books and buying a couple of books (50% off all merchandise). The kids played in the snow and climbed on statues.
A stop at the local grocery store ended our day one travels. We bought a cooked chicken and vegetables, milk, bread, some breakfast foods and of course dessert before heading back to the hotel. The kids spent some time in the pool before dinner, and we all collapsed (at least Grandma and Grandpa collapsed) into bed for some sleep to fortify ourselves for the next day’s activities…

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  1. A road trip with grandchildren! You are very, very brave.