Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Safe and Sound - but once again not at home

When you’re safe at home you wish you were having an adventure; 
when you’re having an adventure you wish you were safe at home.  - Thornton Wilder
I was home an entire week before hitting the road again. No trips to New York, New England, out West or places in between. I went food shopping and cooked several real home-cooked meals. I caught up on the laundry and worked outside weeding and preparing the garden.  I bought new bird seed, replenished the feeder and welcomed the birds to our yard. There were a couple of Zumba classes squeezed into the week and Saturday night dinner out with friends.

After rainy and generally windy, cold weather throughout most of April, hub and I got a chance to stretch our muscles and ride our bikes. We needed to practice for this Sunday’s (May 1) five borough bike ride through New York City, all 42 miles if we actually complete the ride. We managed two outings, preparing our bodies. My butt will be on that bike a long time…    
Then it was time for another trip out of town.
I am writing this from a motel room in my old home town. We did not tell anyone about this trip. Hub has a medical procedure tomorrow and did not want to schedule anything, assuming he would not feel well. If he is recovered by tomorrow afternoon we will see my mother-in-law before heading back home.
Once again my home sits silent, lonely, awaiting the smells of home-cooked food and voices – mine, my hub's, the TV, neighbors and friends stopping by. I don’t miss the cleaning that goes along with the living, but I do miss the living.
I never thought I would be one of ‘those’ people who were very happy staying home. I always enjoyed going away – anywhere. I still like going away, but I am also beginning to enjoy coming home and hanging out at home – at least for a while. Long enough to do some laundry, read the piled up newspapers, take a walk around the neighborhood, scope out the goings-on and watch the flowers grow.


  1. I'm in a motel room in Wyoming tonight, at the end of day 2 of a three-week trip. I like being home, too, though I'm not much of a cook. I like the rhythms of ordinary life as well as the adventure of being out.

  2. I love to travel, but it is always nice to get home. My husband is away for two days, and I am enjoying some alone time. A day or two completely by myself is luxury for me--I have exciting things planned--like giving the fridge a good clean out. Hmm. I need to get more creative.