Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hope Springs Eternal...I am going to try gardening again

Years ago I had a vegetable garden. It was somewhat successful, but other life activities got in the way. The garden was planted with grass and a couple of decades passed. I experimented with various flowers in our yard after that. I never had great success. I would buy small flats of annuals, place each flower carefully in the ground and watch as they struggled to grow, bloom and prosper. Sometimes that actually happened. A good deal of the time they just languished, yielding some flowers but rarely flourishing.
Our new home has a small front yard and some beds in the backyard that the former tenant spent hours cultivating. Flowers have already emerged in the front yard. I am going to try very hard not to kill what is already there.
I also want to add some flowers and vegetables. I spent some time a couple of weeks ago perusing seed catalogs online. I finally purchased several from an heirloom seed dealer. I tried not to over buy and over plan so much that I doom myself to failure. The seeds last more than one year, so the packets purchased will supply seeds for a couple of years to come.
The one vegetable I purchased was tomatoes, a small one that can be grown in pots and a larger-sized variety. I am also going to plant two herbs – parsley and dill. I bought two perennial flowers and one annual - zinnias. Last summer I planted a number of annuals and the only flower that thrived was zinnias.
I officially began by planting seeds indoors this afternoon. Assuming they turn into beautiful little plants they can be transplanted outside in a few weeks. I realize my expertise is minimal and enthusiasm may wane as the season proceeds and my work does not produce an abundance of flora. We will see what happens.


  1. We've had a vegetable garden for the past several years. I love being out there amid the vines and leaves. Last summer the weather never got warm enough to ripen the 400 tomatoes that grew.

    I'm planning to plant peas, but it's 38 degrees outside and the sky is very gray and, frankly, I don't have the heart to get out there. I'd rather stay inside and read.

  2. I have ended up buying starter plants after several attempts to grow from seed failed, but I am enjoying having a small vegetable plot and an herb garden after putting aside the gardening for a number of decades. Good luck!