Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a...

Son #2 and his wife are pregnant with their first baby. They decided they wanted to know whether or not the baby was a boy or a girl. Last week the momentous time arrived. These kids do things their own way, and this was no exception.
They visited the doctor on Monday morning, returning with the joyful news that the baby was healthy and developing normally. They had a CD and pictures of the sonogram. It is amazing what the wonders of modern technology produce. The baby was moving around. The inexperienced eye (mine) could not tell what it was looking at all the time, but the head, arms and legs were clear, distinct, moving, and real.
The kids decided they wanted both sets of parents with them when they found out the baby’s sex. They had the doctor write boy or girl on a piece of paper. They took the folded piece of paper and gave it to a friend. The friend took it to a bakery and ordered a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and two layers. The icing between the layers would be pink if the baby was a girl. If the baby was a boy there would be blue icing between the layers.
The six of us were not together until Friday night. No one could wait any longer, so before dinner the kids sliced the cake. They slowly moved the cake knife through the chocolate, peeking in to get the first glimpse of pink or blue. After a few seconds of suspense they withdrew the cake slicer with a few specks of icing on it…
It’s a girl!
My daughter-in-law’s parents are ecstatic because their count currently is: grandsons 3, granddaughters 0.
Our count is: grandsons 1, granddaughters 2.
The baby is due in July. Our first priority is a happy, healthy little one. Then we can dress baby in pink.


  1. Congratulations. It was so sweet to have both sets of grand parents there for the big reveal.

  2. What a great idea...! I love it. Life should be all about fun. When she is a bit older and she starts to ask, "Where do babies come from?" her Mommy and Daddy can tell her, "They pop out of a cake...!" *heh*