Sunday, March 20, 2011

Athletic Prowess Rocks!

It has been a week since we completed our cross country skiing/yoga Road Scholar experience. Sitting in my upstairs office/guestroom, looking out at sunny skies, budding trees, 50-ish temperatures, it is surreal that so recently we were surrounded by snow and rustic scenery, still deep in the heart of winter.
There were only nine Road Scholars; three couples and three single women. We were the only first-timers. Several were experienced Craftsbury, Vermont cross country Road Scholars. They enjoyed it enough to return again…and again…
I have never been an athlete. I have been on a mission to lose weight and exercise more. I don’t envision myself running marathons or an anything-k, but I figure every little bit helps. What I do not do - have never done - is spend most of my day in vigorous athletic activity.
That is what we did at Craftsbury. It was exhausting. All that fresh air and exercise absolutely tired me out.  It was not too strenuous, I enjoyed it, but there is no way I can maintain that pace long-term. It seemed the others were in better shape than me or my hub. They talked about their hiking and skiing and all manner of activity-packed trips. I just listened and wondered how many people our age really do this stuff frequently – or at all.
It was not too cold. I do not like the cold. I had my books and magazines in case I opted out of outdoor activity. That is one reason we chose March for our trip. I reasoned the later in the season we went the less chance of subzero temperatures.
I sit here, enjoying the view, comfortable, not necessarily eager to move more muscles than necessary. Is that how we all feel? What is it that makes one person yearn to move and the rest of us satisfied to curl up with a book or computer? I know I should stir, but I cannot say I yearn to move or crave the activity. I enjoy it when I do it, but I am fine without it.
We will participate in other active-oriented programs. It is nice to have everything programmed for you. Right now, however, I feel really guilty. I did not go to the gym this morning and should exercise. It is beautiful outside. I should go outside and take a walk. I have not walked in a long time; it has been a long, cold winter. I feel compelled to move so I do not shrivel up. I am already too short. And I like to eat. I cannot eat and not exercise. I will balloon, feel uncomfortable and be mad at myself.
We enjoyed the cross country skiing and plan on going again next year for at least a long weekend. We had 1 ½ hours of yoga each day. I started taking a yoga class a couple of months ago when I realized the program involved yoga. Never having tried it, I did not want to be a complete neophyte. The instructor concentrated on helping us stretch and work the muscles used in skiing, concentrating on the feet, hips, and shoulders. But we used our entire body and felt it afterwards.
New experiences are the spice of life. That is what keeps us young (at heart, if not in reality), healthy and alive. That is what last week was all about. Life is too short to be lazy, settling for just what we know and what is easy. Keep moving, improving and growing.