Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Spring IS Right Around the Corner! (tax season too)

by A. A. Milne
She wore her yellow sun-bonnet,
She wore her greenest gown;
She turned to the south wind
And curtsied up and down.
She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
“Winter is dead.”

Last week I wrote that winter was starting to make me crazy. The spirits heard me. The skies became bluer, the air warmer, the wind died down, and we had ONE DAY of spring-is-in-the-air. It was a teaser, but it was reassurance enough. It won’t be long now…
Yesterday was the beautiful day. Early afternoon I put on a sweatshirt, pulled the hoodie over my ears and hair, put on my jacket, zipped up and walked outside. I could not believe it. I was definitely overdressed! For the first time in months I experienced the warmth of the sun on my face. What a wonderful feeling. Of course I already see myself dying in the hot August sun, not wanting to venture out of the air conditioning, but…
I opened the garage door and foraged. I found my gardening gloves. I unearthed the clippers. I came across a large garbage bag. I spent a few minutes trimming the rosebush next to the front door. I collected leaves still hanging around the front and side of the house. Then I dumped the filled bag into our composter. This is our first try at composting, so I am eager but unsure what to expect. I realize it is not warm enough for anything to happen. But the composter will be full and ready to go as soon as the weather cooperates.
I went back into the garage. Now I have to admit I still have not unpacked all of the boxes from our move back in May. It is time to retool, re-energize and dive back in. I found one box marked office supplies and brought it into the house. One box at a time avoids too much unproductive chaos.
It is cold and windy again today, but it is sunny and gorgeous.
The unpacked box and the taxes beckon. We started the painful process of doing our taxes this past weekend. We are TurboTax users and survivors. If our marriage survives sorting, organizing, preparing, and completing our taxes, we are OK.

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