Thursday, February 10, 2011

Baby it's Cold Outside...Enough is Enough!

We cannot control the weather. Nature always wins. It is useless, pointless and just plain whining to grumble. But I cannot help it. I want to go outside and walk around for a few minutes without my nose turning purple. I want to be able to run out and get the mail or the newspaper without throwing on watertight shoes and a coat. I want to dash out to exercise class without tossing a whole layer of clothing over my outfit because the work out material is too cold, even with a coat on. I would like to go outside and trim the rose bushes.
I am weary of winter and bitter cold, wet weather. I am tired of monitoring the gas and electric so we do not have to take a second mortgage to pay the heating bills. I am tired of packing a small suitcase with one sweater and having no room for anything else. I am just drained.
I can stay up late during the summer and not feel tired at all. Now it gets dark about 5:30 p.m. and I want to curl up and watch TV or go to bed. There does not seem to be energy for much else. The mind is willing but the body does not get the message. It is lethargic. Inert. Lazy. Immovable.
A few weeks of winter remain. President’s weekend is notorious for some of the worst storms of the season. Then March arrives. March storms come swooping in, drop their heavy, wet snow, and vanish. The sun comes out. The air and the earth warm up. The snow disappears.
Spring will be here, hopefully sooner rather than later. It never disappoints. The days stretch out, green things start emerging from the soil, and people appear on the streets again. The utility bills go way, way down. The windows open. Even the food changes. I miss fresh tomatoes and lots of salads. Imported, store bought so-called fresh foodstuffs lack the wonderful taste of local, fresh produce.
It is almost time for nature, and people, to emerge from hibernation. I cannot wait.

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  1. I feel the same way about our rain. I am ready for reliable sunshine, even if it's cold out.