Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Predictions for the New Year

·          Ed Rendell, the outgoing Governor of Pennsylvania, will go to Washington as a member of President Obama’s cabinet.
·         Rush Limbaugh will get divorced
·         The departing governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will make a movie.
·         One of the Clintons will get a new job.
·         The summer of 2011 will break temperature records across the country.
·         At least one nasty hurricane will hit the U.S. in late summer or fall.
·         Lindsay Lohan will be back in rehab – again.
·         Too many people will revert to buying big, expensive, gas-guzzling vehicles.
·         Iceberg lettuce wedges once again make a comeback as a popular menu offering.
·         Lady Gaga gets pregnant.
·         Mike and Molly join Weight Watchers.
·         Vacationers flock to Ireland and Greece as these countries, in deep financial trouble, lure tourist dollars.
·         Gas prices spike to almost $4.00 just in time for the summer vacation season.
·         I will unpack the boxes remaining in the garage after our spring move.
·         I will lose ten pounds.