Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to Feel Thin in One Day

Every day we read about the sad state of the American waistline. It is fast disappearing, replaced by an ever-expanding girth increasingly difficult to fit comfortably in planes, trains, or molded bus seats. It is an epidemic charitable organizations and government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration have put too little funding and research towards. Whether eliminating the sugar, fat and salt, or taking a magic pill, the cure eludes us.
Most of us feel fat at some point in our lives, whether we are actually overweight or not. Maybe it’s the outfit that doesn’t fit any more, or the angle of the mirror in the department store fitting room, or that worst of all offenders – the bathing suit experience. Shopping for one, stuffing our bodies into one, wearing one, it is all too awful.
I finally found a way to instantly feel good about myself. It does not involve eating chocolate or some other calorie-laden goodie. It does not involve extensive dieting and exercise. The answer hit me this past week vacationing with my family.
The fast way to feel thin or at least not-so-fat is – visit one of the large amusement parks scattered around the country. Small local ones don’t necessarily count. They may not typify a true cross section of the American people; or at least amusement park participants. I observed a variety of men, women and children, from infants to the elderly. They were from all over North America, with representatives from several countries. You could tell from the languages and accents heard, and the T-shirts representing towns, restaurants and bars, schools, and sports teams from around the country. It was not too difficult to pick out the foreigners. They were the slim ones, and the better dressed ones.
Walk around one of these parks. There are a lot of big people. Men, women, even, unfortunately, children. Way too many people are wearing clothing that is, to put it gently, not very complimentary. Shorts are too tight and too short. Tops are too small, showing every roll. Personally I think sleeveless shirts should be banned for everyone over a certain age. Everything hangs out.
What are these people thinking? Do they not care how they look? Do they realize how unflattering the clothes are? Are they unable to find clothing that fits? Have they eaten themselves into extra large sizes, or is there another explanation for the expansion of Americans in the twenty-first century?
Anyway…all of a sudden I am not so fat. Comparatively speaking, I have a lot to be thankful for.
But I am still short.