Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Am I Waiting For?

A lot of times I do not wear what I consider to be the best things I own, whether clothes or accessories or jewelry, because I am ‘saving’ them. It finally occurred to me – what am I saving them for? I am 60 years old. 

I have stuff that has been in drawers and closets for years - even decades – rarely used.  What good do these things do sitting in a draw or hanging in a closet gathering dust? By the time I decide to wear them many items are dated, do not fit, or I do not like them anymore.  I look at the item and ask myself: Why did I ever like that? Why did I ever buy it? Why did I ever think that was so special? And the biggest question - what was I saving it for?
So I have come to the conclusion that it is time to use everything. If I want to wear a nice sweater I will not wait for a special occasion. That special occasion may never come.
My new motto: Use it, wear it, enjoy. 
Clothing I do not like, or that does not fit, or I know I will never wear will be tossed out. 
My stuff will do no one any good after I am gone. Most things will end up at Goodwill or some other charity. So aside from a thrift sale shopper, no one will care about my wardrobe. I am going to wear things, enjoy them, use them, or get rid of them. 

What is the worst that can happen – something I love gets worn or ripped or stained? I will then need to replace it. I will have to go shopping. That is a tough, time consuming, exhausting undertaking, but I will do it…

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