Sunday, November 14, 2010

Junk Mail, Jobs, and De-cluttering

I am being inundated by junk mail. Snail mail daily brings ads, requests for donations from charities contributed to in the past, and appeals from organizations I have never given a penny. There are address labels from groups all over the country. Conflicted over whether to use them without sending a donation, I got over my reluctance and now use all labels received. It would be a shame to waste them.  There are catalogs from vendors I purchased from, and many from retailers I never heard of until their literature arrived at my door. I like coupons as much as any thrifty shopper, but I do not like them cluttering my house. I am not very organized, and papers pile up everywhere. By the time I want to use a particular coupon it has either expired or I can’t find it and just get frustrated. 
Then there are emails. I finally got impatient and tired of deleting them. I went down the list and unsubscribed. Most companies make it fairly simple; a couple of clicks and that is it. A few have a menu allowing a choice of how often you wish to receive emails – daily, weekly, monthly. A couple of times I chose monthly. I felt bad cutting them off completely. 
I had second thoughts about getting rid of snail mail. I used to feel bad mail carriers are forced to lug all that extra weight around, but recently I began looking at it another way. The more junk mail to deliver, the more mail carriers will be considered necessary. I now accept junk mail as one small way I am helping to keep people employed. Most flyers, credit card offers, catalogs, charitable requests and miscellaneous correspondence are thrown out without opening. Less junk email and snail mail to deal with helps de-clutter my life, and any help simplifying and organizing my life is welcome.