Monday, November 1, 2010

Domestic Not Quite Bliss and Girlfriends

One lazy summer weekend around our birthdays three girlfriends, decades old in age and friendship, took a break from real life and enjoyed a mini-reunion girls’ night out and sleepover.

We showered off the sand and sweat of summer and spent the evening on the rooftop deck of a Greek restaurant, drinking wine and sharing plate after plate of appetizers and desserts. We did not complain, however, temporarily forgetting about fat and calories, savoring the evening and our time together.

It was a beautiful night and we had a great time talking, laughing, eating, drinking, celebrating birthdays and our decades-old friendship.

On the way home, a bit tipsy and not quite clear-thinking, we noticed one alone-at-home husband called, but did not leave a message. We decided whatever the issue it must not be important. The guy probably was lonely and jealous, alone with two dogs and the TV, his wife out carousing all night. Kate called her husband, there was no answer, and figured he was sleeping peacefully and all was well.

Back at Nina's apartment we spent the rest of the night drinking more wine and watching late night TV. (Who were all those young actors, actresses, and celebrities??? The three of us usually went to bed long before late night talk shows began...)

We sang and danced along with a MAMMA MIA DVD equipped with song captions.

Totally exhausted, we finally dropped into bed.

Fast forward to a sunny, late summer morning. Kate again called her husband and discovered all was definitely not well. The two dogs were sick, throwing up all over the bed. In sympathy her husband also vomited. And the air conditioner in their rented apartment conked out. Dog #1 had an appointment with the vet (old, sick dog), and husband wanted wife home to watch dog #2 and wait for the air conditioner repairman.

He was not a happy hub.

So our sleepover ended, cut short by the demands of everyday life, once again back to the reality of sick dogs, disgruntled hubs, smelly, dirty linens and carpet, broken air conditioners - the normal trials and tribulations of life.

Epilogue -
The air conditioner was fixed by noon. The dirty linens were washed and, with the help of Resolve Pet Stains, the carpet cleaned. Unfortunately the vet determined dog #1, 13 years old, was terminally ill. Disgruntled hub, however, was soon feeling better, enjoying his cool apartment, caring wife, two adoring dogs, and life at the beach.